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Looping Lesotho pt 2

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

We continue through the heart of Lesotho, finding friendly locals and enormous mountains everywhere we go. It’s impressive to see locals out plowing the fields with technology straight out of the 1800s – huge plows towed behind monster oxen.

lesotho plowing field 720x480

Plowing 1800s style

jeep waterfall lesotho 720x480

Another little waterfall

jeep mountain overlook lesotho 720x480

More mountain views

Every day brings new corners to explore, and each night brings a new wild camp – sometimes on the banks of a river, sometimes up high on the mountain tops.

jeep camping near river lesotho 720x480

Wildcamping on another river

jeep camping lesotho 720x480

Another wild camp, another stunning spot

After almost a week on rocky mountain roads we burst out on the main perimeter highway and find ourselves at the highest point in the country – what will very likely be the highest point reached by the Jeep on the continent of Africa.

jeep highest point of africa 720x480

The highest point of the expedition (about 10,630ft.)

cooking fire 720x480

Cooking on the fire has become a habit. South Africans love their Braai and I’m slowly learning!

Not long later we stop at the highest pub in Africa for a quick drink, and can’t help staying for lunch after we sample the atmosphere. The walls are coated in stickers and signatures from people who have travelled from all over the world to reach the pub, and it’s a warm place to spend some time.

dan highest pub africa lesotho 720x480

At the highest pub in Africa!

I have barely scratched the surface of Lesotho and I know I will  be back!


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  1. April 11, 2018

    […] a good excuse for a beer at the highest pub in Africa: You can read more about all of that here: http://theroadchoseme.com/looping-lesotho-2 From there, I dropped down the super-famous Sani Pass into South Africa. It's a stunning pass […]

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