Juneau Alaska

The capital of Alaska, Juneua, has become another favorite annual trip. The city is not accessible at all by road, so we make the two hour drive to Skagway, then ride the Alaska Marine Lines ferry for 7 hours through the spectacular Lynn Canal. The views are breathtaking, and we’re usually treated to some seals, if not whales.

juneau ferry dan 720x480

On the ferry to Juneau in the Lynn Canal

The Alaska Marine Lines ferry runs all the way from Washington State to Anchorage (actually Whittier just south of Anchorage) and many people ride this as their access to Alaska.

The whole ride takes about four days, and most people assume you need to book an expensive cabin – not so.

It’s a little known secret you can just walk onto the ferry and sleep wherever you want for the four day ride. The pick is out on the deck, sleeping on the large reclining seats. For added comfort, bring your sleeping bag, thermarest, pillow, food, drinks, etc. The picture below makes it look like you have to be out exposed, but in reality there is a big enclosed desk with heat lamps that is completely sheltered from the wind and weather.

juneau ferry cheap tickets 720x480

The cheapest tickets have the best view

The city itself is kind of divided in half – with downtown and the majority of shops and nightlife on the mainland, and lots of houses, beautiful scenery and Eagle Crest Ski Resort over a bridge on Douglas Island. Locals are insanely friendly, and know how to party.

juneau island hike 319x480

Hiking on Douglas Island, Juneau

Juneau is an extremely beautiful city, and it’s hilarious to wander past the governor’s residence, knowing that Sarah Palin used to live there simple smile

juneau by night 720x480

Juneau by night


3 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    Love that you visited my beautiful city. Just a side note, Sarah Palin never lived in the governors mansion. Instead she chose to commute back and forth from her home in Wasilla on taxpayers dime.

  2. Zachary says:

    Like the other commenter from 2020, that’s my hometown! I’m glad that you found it hospitable and enjoy your visits there. There’s lots to do that’s for sure!

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