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For Sale: 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4-cyl


Amazing overland vehicle perfect for one or two people.

jeep front 640x480


  • 2000 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) – Excellent condition
  • 4-cylinder 2.5ltr engine (20 MPG . 13L/100km always)
  • 72ltr gas tank for 600km range
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • 192,000kms
  • Soft Top
  • STRONG 4×4
  • Canadian (Alberta) Registration / Number plates (easy for any foreigner)


  • Security storage box to keep all your stuff safe (no backseat)
  • 160 piece Mastercraft tool kit (as new)
  • Haynes repair manual for the Jeep
  • Box of spares (new radiator & heater hoses, fire extinguisher, emergency triangle, filters, oils, hose clamps, fuses, puncture repair kit, rope for towing etc, etc.)
  • More tools (12v compressor, multi-meter, hacksaw, maglite, jumper-leads, etc, etc.)
  • Two person, three-season tent (with spare poles, it’s getting old)
  • Everything else I don’t take with me (camping chair, 20ltr water jug, tarpaulins, maps, guidebooks, etc.)

77,000kms in two and a half years of ownership without a single problem. I’ve always followed the book for oil changes / etc. and it’s never let me down.

Over 50% brakes front and rear.Needs new tires soon.

$USD 6000 or best offer.

jeep interior 640x480


jeep side 640x480

Side shot

jeep back 640x480

Jeep from the back



23 Responses

  1. colmatt says:

    Is this the one you took on your adventure? Are you upgrading?

    • Dan says:

      This is my Jeep, from the big adventure, that I’m selling.
      It’s been amazing, though it’s time for me to move on and explore new things. I have no idea if another Jeep is in my future, I have a bunch of other things I’m looking forward to before that.

  2. colmatt says:

    Alright, well, good luck and keep us posted! Great to see where you’ve been, where you’re going!

  3. Jim K in PA says:

    Good luck with the sale Dan. I hope it finds a worthy new owner in as speedy a manner as possible.

  4. Marcel says:

    Hey Dan – you owe my boss two days of work getting through your posts :)
    Came across your blog whilst looking for advice on road tripping South America. When you looking to be rid of it and where?
    Need to talk to the wife as we will be accelerating our plans by quite a bit and turning our plan upside down – but I’m attracted to the history and I’m sure the car will come with some pretty good support from its previous owner in the way of contacts.

  5. Rhieanon says:

    Can’t believe you are selling the Jeep although I get where you are coming from with the whole new experiences thing and I suppose it is just a car at the end of the day but still…Speaking of new experiences Jacob will be experiencing his first Forest School experience this weekend. I’m training to be an Early Years practitioner now and as part of that we have to learn all about the outdoor curriculum,which includes Forest School.I’m not a particularly outdoors kind of person but have been in the forest every Wednesday since September learning how to build fires, make shelters and create mud slides amongst other things. This weekend I have promised Jacob that I will test out my new found skills. I doubt our ‘adventure’ will be anywhere near as exciting as yours has been but I figured we’d start small lol!Take care of yourselfxx Rhi and Jacob

    • Dan says:

      Hey Rhi & Jacob,
      Great to hear from you guys!
      Yep, selling the Jeep is a little strange, we’ve had some great times together, although I always knew from the day I bought it I was going to hang onto it for the rest of my life or anything. I’m out of money and pretty much out of desire to continue this at the moment. I’m really looking forward to cooking really consistent food, going to the gym and being surrounded by good friends I know I can just call up on a Friday night to go for a beer.
      In short, I’m looking for a “routine” life for a while :)
      That’s awesome to hear you guys are headed out into the wilderness – I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  6. Bob says:

    Dan, Not sure how I came across your site. I think it was through one of the lonely planet or baexpats forums. Anyway, I was planning to ship a car down from the states (1976 vw combi) for a South to North trip over the next 6 months, but that has fallen through due to my US shipping company going out of business and defrauding a few of their customers. I’m looking for another vehicle now (preferably someone from the US or Canada who is finishing a North to South since I’ll be driving back to the states). I’m very familiar with the legal issues, etc. of buying a car down here. I’m in Buenos Aires now. If you’re around here and are still looking to sell the car, please send me an email.


    Bob Neill

  7. brian says:

    Hi mate, i have the argentinian passport and the australian one. I really want the car and also i have the money for it. still have it?

    see yaa

  8. Santi says:


    I’m driving down in July from Seattle in a ’97 4runner to Argentina, and would love to hear your experience on selling your Jeep down there… by this point, it’s looking like selling in Paraguay might be my best option, or selling to a mechanic for parts (with ‘vehiecle inoperable’ report from the Police, etc.) –

    My biggest concern is doing it legally, as I have family in Argentina so i return pretty often –

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Dan says:

      Hey Santi – this turned out to be a major pain.. a solid month to sell it.
      I’ll be doing a write-up on it soon as I know it’s a popular question. Keep your eyes peeled. Have a great trip!

      • Santi says:


        Eagerly awaiting your reply! Particularly on the legal aspect – the less I can deal with Argentine bureaucracy, the better :)


  9. Santi says:

    Dan, just following up to see what were the highlights on how you sold the car – thanks!

  10. luke says:

    Please tell me you kept the bonnet with the map on it! It would make an awesome keepsake for your journey. You could mount it on the wall back at home :)

  11. Henry says:

    Hi Dan,

    it looks like you have been on a really amazing adventure for a long time!

    We are hoping to embark on a trip around South America relatively soon and have been talking to a couple from the US who we would like to purchase a US registered camper from. I know it’s been a while but do you have any helpful tips related to the required paperwork?

    Feel free to contact me via email if that is easier.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Dan says:

      Hi Henry,

      Where is the rig now?

      Normally, it shouldn’t be hard to buy a US rig in Central/South America somewhere. Register it in your name back in the US (or make fake papers that say as much in Photoshop if you can’t), then get down there with the rig. Current owner and you leave whatever country it’s in, cancelling the paperwork they have for that country. Enter the next country, and show the new paperwork that says it’s yours. You’ll get a temp import permit for that country, and it’s yours. Previous owner is free and clear.
      During this whole process don’t say anything to anyone about it being sold, or about it changing hands. Neither border knows about the other one, so they’ll have no idea you swapped paperwork in no mans land.

      Good luck, have fun! has all the details you’ll need for each country along the way!


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