Jeep stuff the third

I’ve just passed the five month mark, putting down 22,000 km (13 750 mi.) It’s a tiny bit early, but I figured with the horrible roads and hot weather the Jeep would like some new oil and, clean air and a tire rotation. I did all the work in the driveway of the hostel, which was good fun.
I was happy to find a local auto supply store had both an air and oil filter to suit, something I wasn’t certain of.

I noticed only a couple of things:

  • The front diff is still leaking, but only a little and it’s not a problem.
  • All the brakes & suspension are in good shape.
  • Everything in the front end appears to be fine, which I was worried about after hitting a nasty speed bump (tope) at about 80 km/h.
dan jeep sunset 640x480

Dan & Jeep enjoying a sunset over the Pacific Ocean

The road rolls on for the Jeep and I.


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  1. Andy says:

    Dan, I wouldn’t worry about the front diff unless you do any water crossings. If you have submerged the diff and *maybe* the breather tube, then replace the oil inside. If you think you might have submerged it, I’d go ahead and do it just to be safe. But again I wouldn’t worry about the pinion leak, you’ll never get rid of it. :)

  2. Brian12566 says:

    Keep up with the maintance and that Jeep will outlive us.

  3. Chris says:

    Pinion seal leaks are notorious and quite common on TJs and usually pretty harmless. Don’t know if that is still relevant in a situation like this but as Andy said above unless you do a serious water crossing you shouldn’t have any issues. Mine leaked for 2 years through 2 Ontario winters before I had it regeared. A lot of the trails out here have water crossings that get to the bottom of the rocker. When I regeared there was zero water in the diff fluid.

    However if you do one and think that water got in your breathing tube (the top of it is on the driver side near the top of the rad) and decide that you need to change the diff fluid then check this website:
    The guy above has a great instructional site for how to do stuff with it.
    Good luck!
    I should be caught up by tomorrow.

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