Diving In Taganga & Parque Nacional Tayrona

I’ve been writing way too much lately, so I’m going to let the photos do the talking in this one.
I got my PADI Advanced Open Water certification in the sleepy fishing village of Taganga, which involved a drift (strong current) dive, peak performance buoyancy dive, night dive, deep (37.5 meters) dive and a navigation dive. The reefs and sea life here are incredible and every time I get out of the water I just want to get straight back in. Taganga is an amazing place and after striking up a friendship with the manager of the Aquantis Dive Center I get a couple of days free diving in exchange for playing the victim for a diver doing a rescue course.

taganga 640x480

The sleepy fishing village of Taganga

dan ok 640x480


eel thing 640x480

Eel hiding

eel 360x480

Some kind of eel thing

dan night ok 360x480

All OK diving at night

I move around to Parque National Tayrona, an extremely beautiful reserve with an abundance of white sand beaches. I have to hike in a few kilometers and camp just back from the beach at Arrecifes.
The highlight for me is a serious jungle trek to the ruins of the ancient city of Pueblito with a few friends I made along the way.

tayrona arrecifes 640x480

The Arrecifes campground in Tayrona

tayrona beach 640x480

Beach in Tayrona

tayrona pueblito ruins 1 360x480

The runins of Pueblito in Tayrona

tayrona pueblito ruins 2 640x480

The runins of Pueblito in Tayrona again

tayrona pueblito ruins 3 360x480

The runins of Pueblito in Tayrona and again


7 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Dan!

    I don’t really have a specific comment to make, but I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog since about half way through your time in Mexico. Also, I have gone back and read many of your posts from your time in Alaska and Canada. It always provides me with a nice break from the homework that I am almost always working on! I really enjoy reading about your journey, and I really appreciate your open and honest perspective about everything. I’m really excited to keep reading about your new South America stage!

    Just one question, why is it that you have Alberta plates on your Jeep. I somehow thought that you were living in California before this trip. (I just noticed because I am from Alberta)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Ryan, thanks for leaving a comment. I’m always excited to hear from readers that have been lurking for a long time :)
      I lived in California about 5 years ago, then various places all over Nth. America. My last place was Calgary for 2 years, which is where I bought the Jeep and got it and myself ready for the trip.
      I’m pretty damn excited about Sth America too :)

  2. Oscar says:

    Hello ! Dan
    These are great photos, I think I will stop by this park on my way south from Austin, Texas to Venezuela.
    Tell your sister to update your map, I think she is running a little behind. ( no offense ).
    Keep the good work. I do have a question. How much time do you spend updating your blog? It looks like a full time job.
    Here is my site again: http://www.myonewayhome.com ( I want people to see my site )


    • Dan says:

      Hey Oscar,
      I would guess I spend not more than 5 hours a week on the site. I usually type up the articles and organize all the photos offline, so that when I’ve got internet I can just upload it all and it’s done.

  3. Kris says:

    The Scuba diving looks mint! Its on my bucket list!

  4. Bruce says:

    Hey Dan!

    So i guess i’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and i thought it’s about time that i write a little something here. I just wanted to say that i totally dig your whole perspective on life and what we’re all really here for, and it’s so cool to read about your travels cause it’d probably be the same way i’d do it. went back all the way to the alberta and alaska bits, i’m born and raised in calgary and the rockies are my playground, loved reading about all your adventures in lots of the same places i’ve been! drove up to alaska a couple years ago, the glaciers and the ocean and the endless days were amazing, didn’t make it up to the arctic ocean so i will have to next time. all along the way south you showed me some amazing stuff, of course, places that i’d like to go sometime soon. i also didn’t really realize how many beautiful places there are in mexico and central america – the pictures and descriptions really did them justice.

    currently i’ve been living in switzerland for a year, working as an intern (in engineering – although i can tell you right now that i think i feel the same way about it as you) but really just using the time here to bum around europe as much as i can. in fact on the topic of your diving in the coral – just went diving in the red sea in egypt a couple weeks ago – amazing coral reefs and fish so if you ever have the chance – go! i’ve only got a few weeks left before i gotta head home (although really looking forward to big free wide open spaces that you can’t really get here in the alps). just wanted to let you know that following your adventures has helped me get through the weekdays sitting at the desk waiting for the next weekend escapade. last of all i want to say how impressed i am with your spanish skills, i can guarantee you that even though i’ve been surrounded by german this whole time, there is no way that my german could be better than your spanish.

    thanks so much for the blog and the pictures, if you ever head back up to calgary, give me a shout, i’m always down for a good hike or ski or camping trip!

    ps. here are just a few pictures if you’re ever interested

    good luck in all your travels (especially with the border crossings) and keep the updates coming!
    cheers! :)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Bruce,
      Awesome to hear from you, I’m so happy you’ve been following along :)
      It’s great to know I’m helping people out that are stuck in offices all over the world.
      Awesome pics, keep adventuring.

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