The Stunning Waterfalls of Northern Zambia

After about a week bumping along dusty back roads and swimming in waterfalls, we pull into Kapishya Hot Springs full of expectation. Camping is right on the stunning river, and only a two minute walk away lies a perfect hot spring. The soaking pool is plenty big enough for a genuine swim and is the perfect temperature. Of course we stay an extra night, soaking every morning, midday and night.
Until now in Africa I have only been able to find hot springs that are either tiny pools, scalding hot or too muddy. Finally, I have found perfection and can’t help remembering all the great soaking in British Columbia where my Hot Spring obsession started.

kapishya hot springs camping riverside 720x480

Riverside campsite at Kapishya Hot Spring

kapishya hot springs main pool 720x363

The soaking pool at the stunning Kapishya Hot Spring – the perfect temperature!

The Northern region of Zambia is littered with massive waterfalls, and a record rainy season has recently ended. We set out to explore, visiting multiple stunning sights over the next few days. Almost all the waterfalls have a hydro setup on site, and the entrance fee includes camping – absolutely perfect for us.

chishimba falls emily 720x480

Em checking out the view at Chishimba Waterfall

kabwelume falls whole view 720x242

The entire view at Kabwelume Falls

At each fall we camp within a stones throw of the raging water and are free to swim and explore to our heart’s content.

luaungwe falls bottom 320x480

Lumangwe Falls from the bottom – equally impressive

luaungwe falls whole view 720x296

All of Lumangwe Falls from above

The highlight comes at Lumangwe Waterfall – possibly the best waterfall I have ever seen in my life. We setup camp less than fifty yards from the edge, and eventually light a fire less than twenty from the edge. The photo opportunities from the bottom at the top are breathtaking, and I repeatedly get closer than makes sense.
At first swimming is cold, though the sun quickly warms the morning and soon I’m sitting in the pool soaking in the view.

luaungwe falls dan edge 720x480

On the edge of Lumangwe Falls

luaungwe falls dan viewing 720x480

The entire falls is hard to take in

luaungwe falls no swimming 720x480

Swimming at Own Risk – I couldn’t resist!

This place is absolutely stunning!

We’re in the extreme North West of the country, close to both Tanzania and The DRC.
It feels like an untouched slice of paradise.

waterfall entry 720x480

The waterfall complex entry

massive grasshopper 720x480

These huge grasshoppers still grab my attention!


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