Adventure Starts Now

After over a year of dedicated work and logistical back flips, the Africa Expedition is officially underway! I am grinning from ear to ear right now, imagining all the experiences coming my way.
Over the last twelve months not everything has gone strictly according to plan, though as a friend said recently “Sometimes you have to be stubborn like a donkey to make dreams come true”.

I think being a donkey suits me.

Two days ago I drove my house-on-wheels Jeep into a 20 foot shipping container in Halfiax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The whole process was a hundred times easier and friendlier than the last time I did that in Colón, Panama. Add to that meeting some great people in town to hang out with, and it was a hugely enjoyable -and stress free- experience.

africa jk in container4 720x480

The Jeep locked and loaded into the 20 foot shipping container. It’s got about 6 inches all round.

I’ve poured all my waking hours and energy into this Jeep build over the last year, so watching the loaded container being whisked away on the back of a truck brought about mixed emotions – I’m extremely happy to be starting the expedition, but also a little concerned for the welfare of my companion, now completely out of my hands. This concern is compounded by the fact I didn’t even get a receipt!

Last night I threw on my backpack and jumped on short plane flight to Glasgow in the UK. I’ll spend the next two weeks here in the UK while the Jeep makes the crossing, doing touristy stuff and hanging out with my sister – the start to this expedition I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.

The adventure begins now, I hope you’ll join me!


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  1. Birrgit says:

    Of course, all aboard! :)
    Have a great time with your sister. Looking forward to reading about your journey once again.
    All the best from Sweden!

  2. Jon Anderson says:

    I had seen your Jeep in Halifax NS last week and followed the web address. It looked to be a very capable vehicle, and after reading about the build its easy to see that it is. I remember thinking then that Halifax may be your shipping port, and the start of your African road trip, so I’m very excited to see this new post this morning. Amazing story Dan and I’ll be waiting for the updates!
    All the best in your travels! My wife and I are rooting for ya!

    • Dan says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by my site, I’m happy yo have you on board!
      I really loved Halifax and all of Nova Scotia. I hope to spend a few months in the East when I return one day.


  3. Brittany says:

    Bon voyage! I followed your adventure (and escapades!) through the Americas, and I’m wishing you an equally exciting journey through another continent! Thanks for keeping the site updated – I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see where your travels take you :)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Brittany,

      Awesome, thanks for letting me know. I’m so happy many of the “old crew” have found their way back :) :)

      There are going to be A LOT more updates around here starting very soon :)


  4. 205guy says:

    Congratulations on the new start. I found your blog through HN after your first Jeep trip and read it all. Also loved your northern hikes and adventures, so thanks for sharing everything. I’ll be following along vicariously.

    • Dan says:


      Awesome! Thanks for coming along for the ride!
      Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see photos of, or anything I can write about or film that I didn’t last time :)


  5. Forest Platt says:

    Best of luck on your adventure! I’m looking forward to reading about your exploits. I have a question on shipping the Jeep in a standard container. Did you strap the vehicle down in the container? I was wondering about it shifting about (and getting damaged) should the vessel hit rough seas. Thanks!

    • Dan Grec says:

      Yes the vehicle is strapped down on all four corners, and the wheels are chocked. It’s very, very secure.

      I’ll post photos of it strapped down soon.


  6. Cj kovic says:

    Do you know Herman and Cande Zapp? They drove from Argentina to Alaska arriving there in 2004. They’ve since had several children and are STILL driving their 1928 car throughout the world. They’re currently in Europe, sucking the marrow out of every day. Burma suerte!!

  7. Cj kovic says:

    Do you know Herman and Cande Zapp? They drove from Argentina to Alaska arriving there in 2004. They’ve since had several children and are STILL driving their 1928 car throughout the world. They’re currently in Europe, sucking the marrow out of every day. Buena suerte!!

  8. Jenny says:

    Hey Dan!

    So, thanks to Facebook’s News Feed, I happened to see the link to your site and if the Marley Man (thank’s bud) is publicly recommending The Road Chose Me then you must be worth my while as a travel writer/adventurer type; I’ve trusted his taste in books and the like since we were kids so you can count on another voracious reader. Have a blast in Africa and make it home safe!


  9. Cristian Aviles-Morales says:

    Hey Dan! I just dropped by from that link on Reddit you left us, on the DIY page I believe. I’m so glad I decided to go to your website. Your “Work Less to Live Your Dreams” was well written and really did strike a chord with me, I went out of my way to buy your book too, even though I’m ‘sure’ i know what’s in there… I just love reading that type of stuff.

    If you have anymore tips.. or advice when it comes to saving money and other financial things, and maybe have some time, I’d love for more reads on it!

    Have a great trip, and stay safe.

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