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Crossing another frozen lake close to Bear Loon 0

The Chilkoot Trail Winter

Dan, Heather and Etienne hike part of the Chilkoot trail to Lindeman Cabin in the dead of winter.

Camping at Liard Hot Springs in the Arctic Oven 0

Liard Hot Springs Winter

Dan and Brett spend a long weekend camping at Liard Hot Springs in the winter

Sunrise on the mountains 2

More Yukon Fall Camping 2011

Late in the fall Brett and I head out for another canoe / camping trip into the Yukon wilderness. Night after night we’re treated to amazing Northern Lights displays, so much so I get...

Grizzley sow on the side of the road 0

The Dempster Highway

While driving North in 2009 it was a hard decision between The Dalton Highway in Alaska and The Dempster Highway in Canada. Both push deep into The Arctic Circle, and I had been told...

We found this little cabin on the side of the lake 7

Yukon Fall Camping 2011

Extremely long days and beautiful colors makes fall a fantastic time to be out and about in the Yukon. Brett and I take the chance for a 4 day weekend and paddle down a...

The confluence of the Jarvis and Kaskawulsh rivers 16

Paddling the Jarvis / Kaskawulsh Loop

Soon after my arrival in the North it became clear white water paddling is the summer activity of choice here. With very little previous experience I was soon thrown in the deep end and...