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I run a 10A Renogy ViewStar Charge Controller to ensure my batteries are charged properly. From $0.00 on Amazon
Relief Packages 5

Relief Packages

Almost all of my outdoor gear is getting long in the tooth, and has been in desperate need of repair for quite a while now. I knew things were getting ridiculous when a roll...

The valley of Santuario De Las Lajas 9

Colombia Closes

We spend a few days in San Agustin, camping in front of Hospedaje Andino (on the corner in front of the very expensive Camping San Agustin) for $1.50 each per day. It rains continuously,...

My Shurflow 12V water pump is excellent for supplying drinking water on demand. From $68.00 on Amazon
The Rigid Security Bolt Kit means the driving lights can not be stolen. From $24.00 on Amazon