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Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi

Already missing the ocean after our month in Mozambique we’re excited as we drive into Cape Maclear on the shores of Lake Malawi and immediately know we’re onto a good thing!
The lake is enormous and reminds me heavily of the great lakes in Canada – it’s jut a lot warmer!

malawi lakeside life 720x480

Life on Lake Malawi

Enormous baobab trees grow right down to the sandy shore where locals start each day in the lake. It’s very clear it is the center of all life, and literally every activity revolves around it. We find fantastic camping at set about enjoying lake life. We kayak down to a natural reserve where we snorkel and spot an enormous number of colorful fish. I’m heavily reminded of the ocean and actually have to remind myself this is a fresh water lake. The water is crystal clear and extremely refreshing.

lake malawi sailing 720x480

The catamaran and the island we sailed around right at sunset

On another day we sail around one of the famous islands on a catamaran at sunset, and on another day we wander through the local village of Cape Maclear chatting to friendly locals and smiling kids.

Sunset over the lake is breathtaking, and for very good reason is the subject of many of the local crafts on sale in small stalls. A rally of South Africans arrive and overrun our peaceful campsite, so we move further down the lake to an even better location where sunset is amazingly even better again!

jeep lake malawi camping 720x302

Camping on the shore of Lake Malawi

While walking through the town I notice Malawi is poorer than both Zambia and Zimbabwe before it. Many locals appear to have very little, and there is a lot – repeat – a lot of trash mounded everywhere imaginable.
I am thoroughly enjoying Malawi so far – and have been impressed there are real mountains here. I’m looking forward to getting to know the country better!

jeep lake malawi sunset 720x480

Sunset is when it all happens


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