North along Lake Malawi

We tear ourselves away from the paradise that is Cape Maclear and slowly move North along the shores of Lake Malawi. We roll through small towns, stopping to re-supply in street markets and eat local food cooked over open fires. At night we camp lakeside and get battered by the wind whipping off the lake.

jeep camping bamboo 720x480

Camping in a huge bamboo plantation, lake behind the camera

At one place we’re warned not to swim – recently a crocodile escaped an enclosure and now lives nearby in the lake. Nobody knows for sure if he’s still around, and I’m not willing to find out!

jeep camping lake malawi 720x480

Lakeside camping, again

In a few tiny villages we hang around at lunchtime, shaking hands and buying rounds of chips (french fries) hand cut and cooked while we wait. Locals come and go, buying supplies and stopping to chat. It’s abundantly clear everyone knows everyone, and the small town is the centre of their community.

dan jeep camping hood 720x480

Posing with the growing line on the hood

The lake is always stunning, and again I’m impressed on more than once occasion when we climb up and over genuine mountain passes.

I’m extremely impressed with the place we have just found! – it was a serious uphill scramble in low range first, but well worth it!

lake malawi from above 720x251

From above the lake shows it’s true beauty!


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