Around Matopos National Park

Just south of Bulawayo we detour around Matopos National Park, and route-find on dusty walking tracks for hour after hour until we reach the stunning Silozwane Cave. The cave is set part-way up a rocky mountainside with stunning views, and contains a vast array of very well preserved cave paintings. They depict people, animals, hunting and more, and even after thirty minutes I spot things I still had not seen yet.

silozwane cave view 720x480

The views near the cave – simply stunning

silozwane cave view out 720x480

Looking out from Silozwane Cave

silozwane paintings emily 720x480

Em checking it all out

silozwane cave paintings 720x480

Lots of details in the cave paintings

silozwane cave em 720x480

Em taking in the whole of Silozwane Cave

silozwane animal paintings 720x480

Animals painted in Silozwane Cave

When we pry ourselves away it’s late in the afternoon, so we just drive a few miles away and find a brilliant clearing to wild camp. Just at sunset as we’re lighting a small fire two local men wander over to check us out. It’s clear they want to make sure we’re not up to no good, and as soon as we shake hands and introduce ourselves they make it very clear we are welcome, and it’s absolutely no problem for us to camp here. One of the men just lives a few hundred yards away, and he insists we can ask him if we need anything at all.
Just after sunset his son wanders past herding cattle, and so of course we wave, smile and shake hands. He doesn’t speak any English, thought it’s easy to see he is extremely excited to meet real life white people.

jeep motopos nat park 720x480

Inside Matopos Nat Park just after sunrise

jeep sunrise south motopos 720x480

Sunrise on the rocks

In the morning we’re up before the sun and venture into the park proper, hoping to catch sunrise on the stunning rock formations.  The park is extremely peaceful and natural, and we sit for hours trying to take in the expansive views. By luck we stumble across the grave of Cecil Rhodes, founder of Rhodesia – now called Zimbabwe.

rhodes gravesite motopos national park 320x480

The final resting place of Cecil Rhodes, for whom Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) was named

motopos national park view 720x480

The views from the top

The entire park and surrounds are stunning, and the nearby city of Bulawayo is full of beautiful architecture. It would be easy to spend weeks exploring just this region of Zimbabwe!


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  1. jeff c says:


    Matopos National Park looks awesome. The cave drawings depict wild life. Are you seeing much wildlife in the Park?


  2. Aaron says:

    Would love to go. Looks absolutely stunning and rich in history.

  1. August 11, 2018

    […] an awesome cave full of ancient paintings on the side of a mountain. Really, really cool More: Around Matopos National Park | The Road Chose Me Since then we've been checking out Mana Pools National Park. We camped right on the banks of the […]

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