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Around Limbé

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

In need of some major R&R I move only a short distance down to Limbé, and the beach at mile 6. This beach has had camping for as long as anyone can remember, and so I setup on a patch of green grass right near the beach.

campig mile 6 beach cameroon 720x480

My campsite at Mile 6 beach

The gravel is jet black, something I have never seen in a beach before. To add to the overall feel, an oil refinery looms only a few hundred yards away, though the water is nice and clear, and warm for swimming.

africa jeep jungle 720x480

In the thick jungle

cameroon tj wrangler 720x480

I spend a day licking my wounds, and exploring the area around before returning to camp another night.

africa jeep palm plantation 2 720x480

In a palm plantation – I have been seeing these since Guinea-Bissau

africa jeep palm plantation 3 720x480

Palm plantation 2

africa jeep palm plantation 720x480

It sure makes for a great backdrop

cameroon to be a man is not easy 720x480

Sometimes, I agree

When in paradise, there is no rush.

dan mt cameroon wounds 720x480

The aftermath of the Mount Cameroon day hike. Massive blisters, and I lose a toenail


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6 Responses

  1. Gerry says:

    I love the blog and the JK, hope all is going well. I’ll try to check up regularly. Stay safe!

  2. poisonborz says:

    I follow your journey since your first post, and this blog is massive. While – against all the wonders of it – I probably wouldn’t make a trip to this part of the world, it is enthralling to read about it in such a direct way. The best thing about these posts is the down-to-earth honesty: you don’t seem to carry any agenda or overlooming philosophical tones here – good and bad people, bribery or unexpected kindness – you write about it in the same, sane tone.

    I wish the history, personal stories or local gossip that mostly only glances through half sentences above would sometimes be more expanded. But I also understand you have to constrain post length and you also write articles elsewhere, or maybe a book later on :)
    Greetings from Hungary!

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi There,

      Thanks for the feedback! You are right, I am saving some of the best in-depth stories for the other places I am writing, and my eventual book :)


  3. Olli says:

    Hey Dan… Great Story so far…… Keep it coming… Very curious for the next few Countries you have ahead of you ! I only know Southern Africa , so i am very excited to read your experiences especially with your “No Bribe Philosophy” LOVE IT !! Wondering if you met other “Overlanders” travelling North ? Stay safe and travel well !

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