Afi Mountain Drill Ranch – Chimpanzees

(My Nigeria crossing starts with the story Into Nigeria. You should begin reading there)

Drill Ranch is also home to numerous Chimpanzees that were donated over the years. Peter and Liza couldn’t say no to these highly-endangered animals that desperately also need a home. Many chimps are kept as pets after their mothers are shot for bush meat, and so they have a very hard time transitioning back to life as a wild chimp.

nigeria drill rannch chimp face serious 720x480

Serious Business

nigeria drill rannch chimp face 437x480


Enormous effort goes into slowly introducing them to the large group so they feel comfortable and are safe, before they are actually put into the massive enclosure.

nigeria drill rannch chimp with baby 387x480

Baby staying safe

Feeding time is fascinating – it’s clear some of the males are simply bullies, and one of the keepers leads them along the fence to be fed serpeately. After going with them one morning I see a lot of screeching and fighting, and even have a couple of stones thrown at me. From then on I decide to stay with the much more chilled out group for feeding, and it’s much more my style.

nigeria drill rannch old chimp 320x480

I really liked this dude. Really gruff looking, really laid back. Never got in fights or cared much about making noise

nigeria drill rannch chimp sierra leon 720x309

This guy is not old, he is from Sierra Leon and so is a slightly different color

The chilled chimps don’t fight each other, don’t scream, and actually stand up and hold out their hands for food. Most of them then just walk a little distance away and sit down to peacefully eat. When the odd squabble does break out, 90% of the others don’t even care, they just keep being chill.

nigeria drill rannch chimp relaxing 720x435

Really relaxing

nigeria drill rannch chimp reaching 720x268

Reaching Out

Drill Ranch has fixed the males so captive breeding can not happen, though one baby was born. Unfortunately, there really is no chance for re-introduction to the wild for these chimps who are so dependent on humans, and who would likely be killed by any wild chimp group that found them.

nigeria drill rannch chimp lazing 720x480

Lazing about – I laid in the same position and we watched each other for twenty minutes

Spending time with the chimps is a once in a lifetime experience, and I spend many hours just sitting in the grass near the fence watching them. Often I can see they are content to just watch me, and I honestly think they get a little used to me in the few days I constantly return. The keepers explain they are extremely strong and dangerous, and contact is seriously forbidden. Around the world handlers have been killed before by violent chimps. Even watching their play fighting it’s obvious they would do me serious harm even by accident.

nigeria drill rannch chimp looking 720x480

Checking things out

nigeria drill rannch chimp lazing 720x480

Lazing about – I laid in the same position and we watched each other for twenty minutes

This is an experience I will never forget.

Still tons more photos to come.

Day eight in Nigeria.


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