Afi Mountain Drill Ranch – Canopy Walk

(My Nigeria crossing starts with the story Into Nigeria. You should begin reading there)

Trying to capitalize on the success of Drill Ranch, the government of Nigeria built a massive Canopy Walk nearby. The former president of the country even visited in 2001, a huge honor.

nigeria drill rannch forest 720x480

On the jungle floor towards the canopy walk

nigeria drill rannch onto canopy walk 720x480

Climbing up onto the canopy walk

I have said many times I feel like I am in Jurassic Park, and it has never been more so than on this canopy walk. The aluminum boardwalk and rope handrails are seriously overgrown with fungus and growth, the trees look prehistoric and the views are spectacular. Standing on the platform I fully expect to see a dinosaur walk past, and keep a close eye out just in case.

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk moving along 720x480

One the bridge. I preferred to go one at a time

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk moss 720x480

The jungle is trying to take over

The walk is not for anyone afraid of heights, the boardwalks sway a lot when walking on them, and the handrails also move around when I try to learn on them for support.

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk not for fear of heights 720x480

Supported on the tree trunk

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk bridge 320x480

It’s a loooong way down

The jungle and trees here are spectacular, and seeing them from such a height is magnificent.

Unfortunately part of the walk was destroyed a few years back during a massive flash-flood, and recently a tree has fallen on another section preventing us completing the “loop” as it was originally designed. I really hope they can repair the damaged sections so many more people can enjoy this amazing experience.

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk fallen tree 320x480


nigeria drill rannch canopy walk long way down 720x480

Looking straight down

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk canopy bridge 720x480

Bridge swinging in the breeze

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch.
It has been one of the genuine highlights of West Africa for me, and has defined my time in Nigeria.

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk tunnel vision 320x480

Some of the bridges are really long

nigeria drill rannch canopy walk views 320x480

View from the top. The walk used to go this way before a huge flash flood smashed it down

Day nine in Nigeria.
Time to move.


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