Learn to drive the Pan-American Highway

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

As many of you know, long ago – in fact before I had even heard the word “Overlanding” – I set out to drive my little Jeep Wrangler from the top of Alaska to the bottom of Argentina. Needless to say I had the adventure of a lifetime, and I will never be the same. Over the course of almost 2 years I drove 40,000 miles through 17 countries in North, Central and South America.
 Since then I’ve become passionate about teaching others to live their dreams, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from people who have hit the road.

With that in mind, I’m going to teach you how you can do it too.

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Pan American Highway Route

As I hunker down this winter in the Canadian Rockies to write ‘The Road Chose Me Volume 2: Africa’, I will post daily on Instagram, revising my Pan-American Highway adventure to teach you how a regular guy like me did it. I will start from the very beginning and cover everything you need to know to make the trip a reality.

Make no mistake – I’m just a regular person like everyone else. I didn’t have any sponsors, I had never written any kind of article in my life, my Jeep was completely stock, and I had a very modest savings account.
Truth be told I had little more than a ground tent, a bag of clothes, a box of food, a little hiking stove and a massive sense of adventure.

dan jeep paine 640x480

Arriving at Torres Del Paine National Park

I will start from the beginning and cover how I’m able to save money, vehicle preparation, planning and logistics. As the trip got underway I learned a lot about border crossings, bribery, paperwork and a slew of tips and tricks that helped me have the adventure of a lifetime.

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