The Equator, Uganda

I start moving West Across Uganda, and camp a night right on the shores of beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.

lake bunyonyi jeep camping 720x480

Camping on Lake Bunyonyi

The following day I meet up with a friend from Canada I have not seen in almost eight years. Lesley is working in Uganda teaching people about tree planting, and it’s pure luck I’m in Uganda at the same time. She’s working for a small co-operative, and after getting to know everyone we have a great night playing pool with locals and eating the local street food of “Rolex” – a fried egg rolled up in a wrap with onions, tomato and usually lots and lots of salt!

In the morning we come up with a plan and move into the capital of Kampala for the weekend.

On the way I cross the mighty line on the ground yet again. The first time was in Ecuador, second in the Congo and now for the third time in my life I find myself far from home, again swapping hemispheres Overland. I sure am going to miss spotting the Southern Cross in the night sky.

dan jeep equator uganda 720x480

Happy to once again cross the magic line on the ground

We spend a great weekend in Kampala, checking out all the bars and a few of the local craft markets. We find our way to a HUGE soccer match, the final of some regional championship. Even though we have bought tickets the military at the gate don’t want to let us in because the stadium is already well over capacity. While watching I see multiple people give them cash to get in – any wonder it’s over capacity!

After a good round of sweet talking I get us in, and we manage to catch a tiny bit of the game over the heads of thousands and thousands of people crammed into all the isles.

camping in compound 720x480

Camping is Lesley’s compound

We jump on the back of motorbike taxis to get home, and for the first time in my life I’m genuinely scared on the back of a motorbike. With no helmet on and a LOT of traffic, my rider seems to be a bit suicidal and time and again puts us into gaps that I don’t think we’ll fit through. Hurtling towards the oncoming traffic on a motorbike is something that doesn’t come naturally!

It’s fantastic to hang out with an old friend, and I get some great tips of where else to checkout in Uganda!


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  1. Carol Newton says:

    Wonderful adventures. I’ve been to Africa and it was one of my favorite trips yet. Thank you for sharing…

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