Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 2

I’m having a fantastic time hanging out in beach side paradise in the Cassamance region. It’s hard to leave!

Due to my hopeless organization I’ve hit the middle of the rainy season – each day now it rains for between 8 and 10 hours, the heaviest rain I have ever seen in my life. Every second day I’m treated to a massive lightning and thunderstorm, bigger than anything I’ve seen in my life. Somehow the storms make me feel closer to the earth than I ever have in my life.

senegal casamance beach paradise 720x480

Beach side paradise

senegal casamance boabab 720x480

Boabab during a sunset walk

senegal casamance dan boat 720x480

On a boat, exploring the many small island communities on the Cassamance River and tributaries

senegal casamance gasshopper 720x480

Colorful grasshopper

senegal casamance island boat 720x480

An island community

senegal casamance jeep beat the heat 720x480

Escaping the heat

senegal casamance jeep on street 720x480

On the streets of Capskirring, Cassamance

senegal casamance tree rice fields 720x480

The mighty Boabab at sunset

senegal casamance rice fields 720x480

Rice fields are everywhere

What do you guys think, is it time for a new country?


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  1. Alejandro says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. We haven’t heard about the Jeep for a while, how is holding up? Are you happy with your “stock setup” vs the original plan for a Diesel? it’s more confortable to be in that the TJ? I think it’s time for a “Jeep stuff” post. :-)

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Alejandro,

      Absolutely, it’s time for a Jeep Stuff post – I’m working on reviews, etc, though I want to have a few tens of thousands of miles under my belt before I can really know how good this setup is!

      It’s all coming, I promise.


  2. Jared says:

    We can tell it’s made an impression on you, as you kept saying that things were the biggest or most influential that you’d “ever seen in [your] life.” I hope you’ve enjoyed it there!

  3. Anthony says:

    Wow, that looks stunning! I’m almost convinced that there are no people where you are at based on the photos. Just amazing landscapes and empty villages. :-)

    Wishing you continued easy travels and looking forward to your next post!

  4. Dave says:

    Dan, many blessings to you on this adventure. I am very impressed and have enjoyed following your journey. I did a similar trip with a college friend from Colombia to Venezuela: the long way! I’m inspired by your journey and of course the great detail and thought you’ve put into everything. Safe travels. -Dave, Minnesota, USA

  5. Brent says:

    Sounds like paradise to me. Why leave yet.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Brent,

      I have a long way to go, and the temp import for the Jeep into Senegal is a short duration – extending it is possible, I just can’t be bothered!


  6. Nick says:

    I have really enjoyed following your adventure! Did you get any good photos of the rain or lightning storms?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Nick,
      I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the ride!
      No, unfortunately, I have not taken any photos of the rain or lightning. I don’t have anything on my camera to be able to catch the lightning…..


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