Sloquet Hot Spring

Always on the lookout for more hot springs, Mike and I camp a night at Sloquet Hot Spring.
We arrive and setup just as the sun is going down. We both freak out a little when the Jeep starts slowly moving backwards while parked on a really steep hill. The strange part is that it’s in first gear and the handbrake is on.

A few tests in the morning show the hill is steep enough to turn over the engine while in reverse.
Good to know.

sloquet hot spring waterfall 640x480

Sloquet Hot Spring waterfall

The hot spring is just as beautiful as I remember; hot water cascades over a waterfall and flows down through a series of pools that start at insanely hot and go all the way down to river level and temperature. Once again we have the spring to ourselves for an evening soak filled with star gazing.

sloquet main pool 639x480

Main soaking pool

A morning soak is by now a much enjoyed habit.

sloquet more pools 640x480

More soaking pools

Mike and I have just visited six undeveloped hot springs in two days! Yep. it’s an addiction simple smile


11 Responses

  1. mel says:

    Hey when are you guys gonna hike the WCT already? I’d like to here/read about it!

  2. amy bugbee says:

    Hey guys, we saw your jeep at Fred Meyers in Astoria, OR. Check out our website If you wanna meet up for coffee email us.

  3. ANDREW says:

    do you think keyhole of sloquet is better, dont have much time.

    • Dan says:

      They are both amazing.. Sloquet is a little easier to get to.

      • ANDREW says:

        so we are going to camp there do you think sloquet is better comparitivly and will potentially have few people on a thursday night. Because keyhole also has the falls.

        • Dan says:

          Sloquet is very busy during the summer weekend – often the campground is full. Hopefully Thursday night will be quiet for you.
          I would guess Keyhole will be quieter, but remember it doesn’t have a great campsite. You can to carry all your stuff down a really steep hill and put your tent anywhere it fits.
          Have fun!

  4. Mei says:

    Hi Dan,
    We are planing to visit Sloquet Hot Spring soon… Is there any place we can stay over instead of camping?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Mei,
      I don’t know of anywhere you can stay out there, besides camping.
      You could make it a long day trip from Vancouver, or Pemberton, but I really recommend camping so you can get the full experience!
      Have fun,

  5. Meagan says:

    I am hoping to drive to Panama from Texas. Any suggestions for a single white female?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Meagan,

      You’re going to have the trip of a lifetime. Lots of female backpackers go solo in Central/South, so I don’t see why you can’t. There was a discussion about this a few weeks back on the Facebook PanAm Group – request to join and I’ll add you.

      Also, you’ll want to checkout for all the logistical information you’ll need per country to get your vehicle around.

      Have an awesome time, let me know if you have a blog someplace I can follow along!


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