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Mozambique Beach Paradise

Most day in Tofo I surf twice, and I improve day by day. I’m still really a beginner, though now I can stand up on almost all the waves I try, and as long as I pick the right waves I can get a decent ride. Towards the end of my stay I graduate up to the bigger break around the corner at Tofiño and get thoroughly pummeled. The big waves terrify me and I don’t even try to catch any, though the smaller ones are still much bigger than at the beginner break and I learn a lot in a short time.

It’s hard to return the rental board, and I’m already looking forward to the next time I find one to rent someplace.

On the advice of many locals I move North to a very remote beach. After asking the chief of the tiny village for permission I setup camp right on the sand at sunset, and I’m again blown away by how friendly people are on this continent. As a complete stranger I show up in a tiny town right around sunset asking for a place to camp. With smiles and handshakes I’m shown the perfect place, less than a hundred yards from their own houses. Even in my terrible Portuguese I know the word “welcome” is said repeatedly.
As I watch the spectacular sunset I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the hundreds and hundreds of people I have met along my journey who have treated me so kindly.
This continent really is special.

sunset secret beach moz 720x480

Sunset just as I arrived

secret beach moz jeep camping 720x480

Camping right on the beach.. pure sand behind me taking the pic

In the morning I explore up and down the beach, talking to local fishermen before exploring the ruins of a massive old Portuguese hotel high on the bluff.

portuguese hotel ruins2 720x480

The old hotel must have been massive!

portuguese hotel ruins 720x480

The ruins of the old hotel

On day three I bump into some Zimbabweans camping down the way, and they are soon filling my head with stories and circling places on my map. I have always been excited for Zimbabwe (many people say it’s their favorite country on the continent) and now I’m really amped.

mozambique catch of the day 720x480

Catch of the day, every day

The stunning and peaceful paradise is hard to leave, though I have great things in the near future.

secret beach full panorama 720x274

The full beach, the jeep is not quite possible to spot, about center frame


PS. I’m sworn to secrecy about the name of the beach. If you know it, please don’t mention it simple smile

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