Meroe Pyramids

Not far from my wild camp I find the stunning Meroe Pyramids, possibly Sudan’s most visited tourist attraction. These pyramids are in excellent condition, sticking out of the sandy and rocky desert. This UNESCO world heritage site dates back to about 800 BC, and is simply beautiful.

jeep sudan desert 720x480

There really is nothing around

jeep to meroe pyramid 720x480

Pyramids dead ahead

A few guys try to sell me camel rides, or “ancient” knives, though I’m not one to buy such things and prefer to just wander the site.

camel man at meroe 720x480

Camel man chased down the Jeep – apparently camels are faster than jeeps on corrugated roads

meroe pyramids from above 720x480

From above

meroe pyramids sand dunes 720x480

The sand is trying to reclaim the structures

I find a high vantage point above the pyramids to soak in the view, and then move a few hundred yards away to again wild camp in the desert. Again there is nothing more than rock and sand around, and I enjoy the vastness immensely.

sudan camping portrait 320x480

Camping not far away

sudan sand dune 720x480

Mini dunes and mega dunes are all over

Sudan is enormous – actually it was the largest on the continent before South Sudan split off as a separate country in 2011, which is now the world’s youngest country. Driving through the desert is impressive and a little intimidating. There really is nothing around, and the sun beating down is relentless.

sudan sunrise jeep 720x480

Sunrise at camp – mercifully nice and cool

I really, really like this place, and I can’t wait to see what Sudan has in store for me next.


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