Lake Assal

Around the bay from Djibouti city lies Lake Assal, the lowest point on the African continent at -509 feet (-155 meters), and the third lowest point on the entire planet. I’m a little shocked to see how close to the ocean it is, and it seems bizarre to me that the ocean water does not flood down to fill the lake, but for whatever reason it doesn’t.

djibouti bay islands 720x339

The islands off the mainland are beautiful

djibouti rift valley end 720x280

The end of the mighty Rift Valley where it drops into the ocean

jeep djibouti 720x480

Djibouti is apparently a series of barren and rocky mountains that drop into the ocean

The surrounds and the lake itself are reminiscent of a moonscape, and again I feel like I’m not on the same planet anymore.

lake assal 320x480

Lake Assal and mountains

lake assal dirt shore 720x480

The lake is a surreal color

lake assal salt shore 720x480

The salty shoreline

The lake is extremely salty – actually ten times more salty than the ocean – and is being commercially mined for that salt, which is scraped off from shallow drying pools. It is possible to take a swim to experience extreme buoyancy, though the prospect of being coated in crusty salt doesn’t appeal to me.

garmin elevation lake assal 720x480

The lowest point possible in Africa (-528ft)

lake assal gravel road mountains 720x480

The gravel road around the lake

Djibouti continues to dish out surreal landscapes and oddities.

djibouti baboon 720x480

A baboon on the side of the road


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