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Khotso Lodge and Horse Adventures

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

At the bottom of Sani pass we roll into the town of Underberg and then onto Khoto Lodge and Horse Adventures and we immediately know we’ve found a special slice of paradise.

khotso farm 343x480

Khotoso Farm

Khotso is a backpackers that also offer camping on their working ranch nestled in the foothills of the Southern Drakensburg Mountains that rise up into Lesotho. The word “Khotso” means peace in the local Lesotho language, and the whole place radiates it in spades. There are a couple of dogs and cats around, and each day they visit us in the campsite begging to be taken for a hike, for us to throw a stick or in the case of pebbles the cat begging to climb up into the Jeep and go to sleep!

khotso mountains 720x480

Lodge in the foreground, surrounded by mountains

The setting is stunning, and each day we decide to stay one day longer to go hiking, horse riding, inner tubing down a nearby river, jumping off a waterfall and many other activities.

The owner Steve, is a fascinating guy and we spend hours and hours chatting about his life, his achievements and how things used to be and how things are now. Living in this corner of Africa for his entire life he has seen massive changes and it’s clear how much he genuinely loves the place.

khotso hostel 720x480

The main hostel building at Khotoso

khotso hostel inside 720x480

Inside the backpackers hostel at Khotso

Khotso’s signature trip is a multi-day horse ride up into Lesotho over and extremely rugged pass. It’s so rugged and remote there isn’t even any Immigration on the Lesotho side – so even though you get stamped out of South Africa there is never an entrance stamp given for Lesotho! The temptation is too great and so we stick around until the trip runs so Emily can experience everything the region has to offer on horseback.

khotso saddles 720x480

Horse rides go out into the mountains every day

khotso camp 720x480

The Khotso campsite

If you’re ever in the Underberg area, I highly recommend a stay at Khoto Lodge, you won’t regret it!

khotso jeep camping 720x480

Jeep camping


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  1. WOW. So glad I found your webpage Dan, It’s a cheer joy following your adventure from my laptop. Must buy jeep now. Must buy tent. Must buy ferryticket to that great continent. wish you the best and look forward to read and see more form you.
    From Denmark

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