Final Adventures

With all the madness involved in my attempts to sell the Jeep I’ve been very remiss in my photo taking duties, so I don’t have a lot to show for the weeks I’ve put in.
Over the last while I…

  • Spend almost two weeks in and around El Bolson & Bariloche. Many Argentineans want to buy the Jeep, though the paperwork is never going to happen. There are also a lot of foreigners here, so I wait expectantly for something to turn up.
los alerces 640x480

Los Alerces National Park

  • Hike to the top of Cathedral Alta, the ski resort in Bariloche. There is no snow yet, but that doesn’t top me from imagining snowboarding all the different features.
cerro cathedral 640x480

Cathedral Alta

  • Drive across to Buenos Aires, where there is a solid buyer on the line. I make around 800km three days in a row, which is too much.
  • Hang around BA again, moving from Customs offices to attorneys and back to customs.
  • Take a ferry to Uruguay because the buyer doesn’t exactly have a “legal” status in his passport, so we head over and back just to get a new stamp in his passport. From the little I see it feels like a really beautiful, friendly place. Country number 17 for the journey, although without the Jeep, I’m not sure it counts.
jeep final campsite 640x480

Beautiful sunset at the final campsite

Things are very close now.


6 Responses

  1. ron parker says:

    Hey Dan,
    Go where life takes you,make sure it is safe.
    There is allways a bed here,along with an arm wrestle.

  2. MN_Jason says:

    Awesome adventure! Love hearing that your Jeep was rock solid! I drive a wrangler and it is a lot of fun, always wanted to do something like this with my Jeep.

  3. DinoEvo says:

    Hey Dan,

    Could you please explain a little bit more how you sold your Jeep in Argentina? What kind of paperwork was required? Where do you go for this kind of transaction? Was it 100% legal? Does the nationality of the foreign buyer matter?

    Thanks a lot

  4. DinoEvo says:

    Thanks a lot Dan! Much appreciate your help.

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