Into Botswana across the Caprivi Strip

We move East across the Caprivi strip – the tiny slice of Namibia that cuts between Angola to the North and Botswana to the South. At night we wild camp, during the day we spot hippos on rivers and have to slow on the highway for elephants crossing.

jeep claw marks 720x480

Jurassic Park again?

The border into Botswana is extremely civilized and straightforward. On the Namibia side we’re stamped out and my Road Tax is cancelled before we move on a couple of clicks to the Botswana side.

jeep camping sunset1 720x480

Another spectacular sunset

namibia sunset 720x480

Sunsets are magical. There were hippos in the swap next to our wild camp

After being stamped in for a month I move over and pay Botswana’s entry fees for the Jeep. A “road permit”, “road fund” and state insurance, for a total of 321P (about $32 USD). After all is said and done the guy is a little shocked to hear I don’t have a Carnet (the international customs document). I can tell he is tired and though he says I can get one for free for 30 days, it’s clear he can’t be bothered writing it out.

That’s perfect for me, because I can’t be bothered waiting for him to write it out, so I just head on my may without one.

Maybe I’m getting lax about all this paperwork stuff!

jeep j30 sunset 720x480

Sunset over camp

After 3,538 miles in Namibia, it’s time for Botswana, African country number 19!

jeep botswana 720x480

Botswana, country number 19


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  1. DON LUSK says:

    I think you will really like Botswana. I hope you will visit the parks they are huge and can take days to cross. The cost to enter the parks have seamed reasonable to me, it is the camping the can get very expensive if it is operated by an private company. You must have the camp site prepaid before you arrive at the gate The cost of camping can range between $3.00-$70.00 US. This is the off season there so you may travel all day in some areas without seeing another person. I am sure you know all this already.The forum is a great source.
    Keep those cool photos coming. Thank you for putting in all the work that keeps many readers captivated.
    Oh, I like your new paint job

  2. Peter Connan says:

    While I haven’t travelled nearly as widely as you have, Botswana remains my favorite holiday destination.

    I am really looking forward to my own next Botswanan adventure, but unfortunately I will probably not pass you on a little dirt road somewhere, as we are only leaving here on the 29th of March. Unless you extend your stay again, of course!

    Have fun

  3. Sheri says:

    Looks like you’re having a fantastic trip. My husband and I spent 3 years going down the west coast of Africa, then back up the east cost from 2006 -2008. You’re now getting to our favorite places for wildlife viewing. Botswana is fantastic. Are you planning to go to Khwai (between Moremi and Chobe) ? It’s absolutely amazing – one of our favorite places. You may already be familiar with it, but if not, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have if you’re interested in visiting. We were there as recently as October 2016. Enjoy!

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Sheri,

      That’s awesome to hear! I bet it was a different world back in 06-08 !
      Botswana has been amazing for wildlife viewing, I’m just uploading photos now of exactly where you are talking about!

      Thanks, all the best,


  1. February 25, 2018

    […] and more. I must be getting lazy, I couldn't be bothered getting any paperwork for the Jeep! Into Botswana across the Caprivi Strip | The Road Chose Me Soon after we explore the magical Baines Boababs – these trees are at least a thousand years old, […]

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