Now that I’ve moved on from my previous life, it’s time to wave farewell to my dreadlocks and start as a “new man”.

I grew my hair out for 2 years, and had the dreads for 2 years, making this my first haircut in 4 years.

Bring the pictures…

long dreads 360x480

2 years of dreads

dan before 360x480

Before (that beard is out of control!)

half way there 640x480

Half way there...

dan after 359x480

Just 10 minutes later...

dan haircut animation



14 Responses

  1. Looks good – wise move.

  2. Rejeana says:

    Agree–wise move. Liked the long hair, but not the dreads.

  3. Jim K in PA says:

    Your mom must be thrilled . . . lol

    And your center of gravity is probably a bit lower now. Is it time for a helmet? Will the next adventure be two wheel transport based? Hmmmm . . .

    • Dan says:

      Haha, she really is thrilled !
      Those dreads were pretty heavy and made it really hard to sleep properly. Best sleep in years for the last couple of weeks.
      Two wheels? Anything is possible.

  4. Brian from New Jersey says:

    Wow what a difference! I did something similar (not nearly as drastic) growing my hair out for 3 years and cutting it short when I was beginning a new chapter in my life, in a way there was something liberating about it. With that said I’ve been growing my hair back out for a year now and plan on doing so for at least another year or so…maybe even dreads in the future!

    • Dan says:

      It sure is liberating. I feel like the dreads were part of who I was, and didn’t “stop” me from being who I wanted to be, but now in a strange way I feel like I have more freedom to do what I want and behave how I like. A little strange.
      I like the short hair for now, but I think I’ll have long hair again one day. I think once was probably enough for dreads.

  5. who’s that guy in the photos?

  6. Ross says:

    Awww your just a baby!

    • Dan says:

      Haha Thanks!
      I get that comment both directions.. People that knew be before the dreads have said “You look just like before, but you’re old now!”
      I like the new look and am going to keep it for a while.

  7. Ron Parker says:

    Well thats the Dan i know.Not looking like some ferral thats lives in the scrub,smokes pot,eats mung beans and maranate in patchouli oil.
    There is a tribe of them that live at Gellibrand[Vic.]You would have fitted in well with the dreads.
    Now you look like a real person.

  8. Ruvini says:

    I found your pic while I was searching pics of arctic circle
    then I followed to your web site .Its pretty amazing(ur tour)
    I kind of like your long hair though.:)
    I’m dreaming to visit arctic circle one day.Never planned it yet
    But hopefully with the dreads………
    Anyway all the best for your future activities
    Take care

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