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Chasing Turtles in Ébodjé

South of Kribi I drive on a massive freeway, past the shiny new deep-water port. I have heard many countries in this region had planned to build a monster port for decades, and it...

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Marienburg Chimpanzees

NOTE: What I am doing here is very controversial. Interacting with the chimps is dangerous. Because we are genetically so similar, I could make them sick, and they could make me sick. Also, they...

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Afi Mountain Drill Ranch – Chimpanzees

(My Nigeria crossing starts with the story Into Nigeria. You should begin reading there) Drill Ranch is also home to numerous Chimpanzees that were donated over the years. Peter and Liza couldn’t say no...

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Afi Mountain Drill Ranch – Drill Monkeys

(My Nigeria crossing starts with the story Into Nigeria. You should begin reading there) The Drills live in huge electrified enclosures where they are fed twice a day – usually papaya, mangoes, advocates and...

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Pendjari National Park

(Click any photo to view a slideshow of these images in a larger size) I put in a monster 16 hour day behind the wheel to drive the entire length of the country from...

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Yukon Moose Hunting

Dan sets out on his first moose hunting experience, a week long river trip with Brett and Bill deep in the Yukon Wilderness.

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