Laguna 69

I make a short hop South to Huascarán National Park and camp right at the base of the mountains, eager to climb higher and improve my view. I make an early start and hike up to Laguna 69, another beautiful glacier lake, before continuing around a 5000 meter pass where I can clearly see the tallest mountains of Peru, stopping in at a refuge, and winding my way down to my tent. All up I hike for about five and a half hours under beautiful blue skies, staring at the enormous mountains the whole day.

campsite laguna 69 359x480

My campsite below Laguna 69

laguna 69 chacraraju 640x480

Laguna 69 with Chacraraju (6001m) behind

mountains everywhere 640x480

Mountains in all directions

huandoy pisco refuge 640x480

Huandoy (6000m) on the left, Pisco (5752) and the Peru Refuge

endless mountain views 640x480

More mountains

dan huascaran 640x480

Having a good look at Peru's tallest mountain, Huascaran (6768m)

crazy switchbacks 360x480

My submission for craziest switchbacked road

beautiful glacier river 640x480

Glacier-melt rivers are in all directions


12 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    Jesus! these pictures are amazing! The water in the first and the last one looks awesome. The lake at Charcrajaru looks truly amazing and the last one looks professional. Have you ever studied photographing (or whatever it’s called) ? :) Enjoy your trip Dan! -Erik

    • Dan says:

      Erik, thanks for the encouragement man. I did not study photography, though it’s something I am enjoying more and more as the trip progresses. It’s something I want to do for the rest of my life :)

  2. Ron Parker says:

    That is one crazy road,Have you been on the road called the Bear Tooth Pass,in Montana?North of Yellowstone NP.It is similar and it is paved.

  3. Juliette says:

    spectacular photo’s. What is the temperature like in these areas this time of year? What is your next destination?

    • Dan says:

      Thanks Juliette. The weather here right now is coming into the rainy season – so most days it’s sunny in the morning, around 20-25 degrees and about 8 days in 10 it clouds over in the early afternoon and thumps with rain for an hour or two. Nights at high altitude are cold, around freezing.
      Next? More mountains I think :)

  4. James says:

    Love those mountains. I love to live there.

  5. Catherine says:


    I’m still enjoying this blog! I love these pictures! May the rest of your journey be blessed and happy.


  6. luke says:

    The long exposure shots of the water are great. I’ve got to say, as your journey progresses your photography has improved a lot. Do you using the same camera you started with?

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