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Waiting for the ferry to Tierra Del Fuego 12

To The End Of The World

The Chileans are pretty upset their government is raising the price of natural gas by a few cents a liter and have decided to complain about it by rioting in the streets. They’ve blockaded...

Trond, Rossi, Dan & new friends 2

The Road of… Penguinos?

Further south I seem to encounter more and more penguinos, first at Reserva Fauntistica Punta Tombo, then further south at Reserva Batural Cabo Dos Bahias. Watching the little guys waddle around never gets old,...

Thinking hard 5

Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdés

The highway South from Buenos Aires is flat, straight and almost completely devoid of any scenery, and compounded with extremely hot days I can’t help but make the comparison to rural Australia. I stop...

South? 5

65,000kms of ebb and flow?

On my way into Buenos Aires in early December I eagerly watched the odometer as it rolled over the magical 50,000 kilometers since leaving Calgary a year and a half ago. Tierra Del Fugeo...

The waterfront of Buenos Aires 21

Family Christmas

I’ve wanted to spend quality time with my family for so long now, and for the last couple of months I’ve been been getting “happiness attacks” every time I thought about their close at...

Buenos Aires! 27

Buenos Aires!

My family and I organized many months ago to meet in Buenos Aires for Christmas, and it’s been my long-term destination ever since. The day finally arrives to head into the big city and...

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