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My Bolt padlock is extremely convenient becuase it uses the Jeep ignition key. From $27.84 on Amazon
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The WRC Jeep - maybe I should enter? 2

Around Córdoba

Turning my back on the Andes, I move East, more or less starting the journey to Buenos Aires in anticipation of Christmas with my family. I spend a couple of days in the stunning...

The ever-visible Aconcagua 9


I spend a few beautiful sunny days in relaxing Mendoza, before venturing out into the mountains once again. Parque Provincial Aconcagua contains the enormous mountain of the same name, which at 6,962 meters is...

Cool rock formations 10

The Mountains of Northern Argentina

The differences between Argentina and previous countries are like day and night, and I’m surrounded by them at all times. The streets are clean, people are smiling and friendly and there is a lot...

International border 12

Into Argentina

We’re utterly exhausted when we roll into San Pedro De Atacama, Chile, and searching around town to find a campground nearly finishes us off. Rob has endured the most by far, and is so...

I carry a Hand Bow Saw to remove trees and limbs from the trail. From $22.91 on Amazon
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