The Road of… Penguinos?

Further south I seem to encounter more and more penguinos, first at Reserva Fauntistica Punta Tombo, then further south at Reserva Batural Cabo Dos Bahias. Watching the little guys waddle around never gets old, and they don’t seem to be bothered one little bit by our presence.

im walking here 360x480

Hey! I'm walking here

penguins to the horizon 640x480

Penguins to the horizon

I drive down an oceanside gravel road for the purpose of exploration and find myself at the nondescript little village of Camarones, where I spend the night in the Municipal Campground. In the morning I do a double take when I see the little Suzuki of Rossi and Trond, overlanders I bumped into a few times in Peru. They’ve been down to Ushuaia (they started in Vancouver, Canada) and are now heading North, uncertain of how far they will go. I’m overjoyed to see friends and we spend the entire day, night, and next morning catching up and throughly enjoying the company. They are also a little burnt out like me, and it’s amazing how having people I can relate to makes me feel a hundred percent better.

just one of the guys 360x480

Just one of the guys

trond rossi dan penguins 639x480

Trond, Rossi, Dan & new friends

Seeing Rossi and Trond is a great boost to my energy, and the information they share about the adventures I can look forward to fills my dreams at night.

owl 359x480

I've got my eye on you

camping with rossi and trond 640x480

Wild camping with Rossi and Trond

sunset 640x480

Sunset in Camarones


2 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey Dan! Wow your travels look absolutely amazing! Not sure if you remember me, just a friend of your brother Mike, from Nelson. You drove me and Heather back to Canmore, we stopped at White swan hotsprings. Anyways I hope you keep having the time of your life! Your pictures are stunning, I can only imagine what it looks like in real life. Take care!
    ps your dreads look kick ass! :)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Steph! Of course I remember you and our drive. How could I forget a road trip with two cool girls across BC AND a visit to a hot spring! Haha
      What are you doing these days? Living the mountain life in BC I hope (I still have dreams about those mountains.. I´ll be back one day for sure)
      Thanks for the dreadlock love, though I think the days are numbered….
      Take care and have fun!

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