Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza

After a large celebration to finish my time on the coast I set out for a big day, and move all the way North to near the Suez Canal before cutting directly West inland to Cairo. Originally I wanted to drive across the canal – well, actually under in a tunnel – across to Israel so I could actually drive off the continent. Unfortunately the whole Sinai Peninsula is not very stable safety wise and the very protective Egyptian Military will never allow me to cross, so I’ve had to scratch that plan.

Driving into Cairo is quite a shock when I find myself on an eight lane freeway with about twelve or fourteen lanes of traffic crammed in. At times we’re moving along at 50 mp/h only inches apart, then everyone slams on the brakes for a speed bump or monster pot hole or just because of traffic congestion. The pace and size of everything is insane, and I crowd Cairo the craziest driving and traffic on the whole continent.
Over the next hour and a half, I make less than six miles through the rush hour traffic, before finding my way to a campsite in the back of a working farm just near the city.

giza pyramids cairo close 720x480

Pyramid and city

In the morning I’m back driving through the city when I spot the monster pyramids of Giza towering over the multi-story buildings. I knew they were very close to the city, but this is insane!

At the main entrance gate security is very tight, and after multiple searches through the entire Jeep the head of the Police here finds my cooking knives. They are seriously unhappy and at first don’t want to let the Jeep inside at all. After a lot of back and forward over and hour we decide I will leave the knives at the entrance and continue on, and then pick them up after leaving.

giza pyramids jeep 720x480

They go well together

And so I drive right up to the enormous pyramids, and even walk over and touch the monster stone blocks.

giza pyramids camel 320x480

Pyramid and camel

giza pyramids sphinx 720x393

The whole setting – massive shops and buildings directly behind me (including the famous KFC and Pizza Hut)

I have actually had dreams about this moment, and of course it feels extremely surreal to have driven from Morocco to the Pyramids of Egypt – 54,000 miles around the continent.

giza pyramids sphinx close 720x480

The sphinx is bigger than I expected up close

I spend a few hours wandering around in the midday sun, exploring all the pyramids, the sphinx and the whole area. Of course I can’t help pose the Jeep a few times, and take the “victory” photo.

giza pyramids jeep dan victory 720x480

Dreams do come true!

The final hurdle remains – shipping the Jeep back to North America.


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  1. Chris McMillan says:

    Awesome man!! Your trip has been a really, really cool one to watch and follow.

  2. Ross says:


    It has been an absolute pleasure to read about this incredible adventure you’ve had. Not just one adventure, but two really. We bumped into each other many years ago when you were heading south on your first trip. I will admit, I had to kinda laugh when I saw you with the longer hair and the TJ and wondered if you would ever make it to Argentina. I was glad to see you did. I’ve been incredibly awestruck with your African expedition. You’ve done something truly amazing.

    I’m looking forward to having you come back to Arizona next month and get to your Jeep up close. Hopefully, I can get your book here in time and maybe have you sign it for me.

    Safe travels,
    – Ross

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Ross,

      Thanks very much for the kind words, it means a lot!
      Where did we bump into each other?

      It sounds like you’ll be at Overland Expo West? Great!
      If the book does not arrive on time, I’ll have some with me, and copies of my new one too :)

      See you soon,

  3. MM says:

    Congratulations! A laudable and intrepid trip.

    Perhaps this time you will allow my comments on your blog?

    I think you have been back in North America for some months now and I hope you will settle back into “normal” life. Not easy after a big trip – as I know only too well.

    Looking forward to reading about your trials and tribulations shipping out of Egypt.

    Safari njema,

  4. MarkH says:

    Congratulations, Dan! That last photo is perfect. You’ve lived a dream, and you took all of us along for the ride. Thanks for allowing us to see Africa through your eyes, and I can’t wait to follow your next adventure.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! It has been the adventure of my life – so far!
      I’m already dreaming and thinking up what comes next. Stay tuned!


  5. Kris says:

    Wow… surreal that the journey is almost over…..what will I read now! Congrats Dan! So your going to keep this Jeep as oppose to flip it? Wheres it off to now??

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Kris,
      Thanks very much! Oh yes, I’m keeping this Jeep – we’ve had too many adventures together.
      Next challenge is shipping it back to North America!


  6. Adam says:

    I’ve been following your adventure since I stumbled upon your Facebook page sometime shortly after you began this trip, eagerly waiting for you to make it to Cairo. I lived in Cairo (Ma’adi) for several years and, as an American teenager, learned to drive there. The traffic is insane; words barely do it justice. The pyramids and then entire Giza site are simply awesome and your “victory” photo is a fitting capstone to this trip.

    I’ve heard nothing but horror stories of trying to export vehicles from the country, but those where second-hand and nearly twenty years ago. Good luck with everything; you’re doing things many of us only dream of.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks very much for the support and kind words! You hit the nail on the head about the traffic AND the insane paperwork/bureaucracy.
      Egypt does it well ! haha


  7. Martyn says:

    I have followed your adventure from the start and never missed a post it was the first thing I looked for whenever I switched my computer on. I dont think you realise what an inspiration your travels have been.I was in Nairobi when you were there and I am kicking myself that I never met up with you.Keep well and looking forward to your next adventure

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Martyn,

      Thanks very much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me!
      Ah, that’s a bummer we didn’t meet up – hopefully one day in the future our paths will cross again!


  8. Ramie says:

    Hello Dan.

    Congratulation and well done. Im really inspired by what you did and plan to do same from cairo,Sudan,Ethopia,Kenya.Tanzania and get back. in near future. I have JK and living in Cairo. Thank u very much for what u did and shared with us :)

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Ramie,

      That’s awesome! I’m happy to hear you are planning to explore your corner of Africa, you will have an amazing time!!


  1. April 28, 2019

    […] and arrived at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt! I am absolutely ecstatic!! Read the full story: Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza | The Road Chose Me Now only the final hurdle remains – shipping the Jeep out of Egypt! -Dan __________________ […]

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