Benin Voodoo in Ouidah and Abomey

Benin is famous for it’s voodoo culture, something I have been looking forward to checking out for a while now. I start out in the town of Ouidah, where an annual voodoo festival is held. Wandering around I really don’t see a whole lot, and am not really interested in paying to see the house of snakes. A guided walk following in the footsteps of the slaves who were transported through here also does not peak my fancy.

ouidah slave painting 720x480

Depiction of the slave walk in Ouidah

ouidah house of snakes 320x480

The entrance to the house of snakes in Ouidah

The few times I take out my camera on the streets men immediately demand money from me – they insist I must pay to take photos of buildings, trees and statues. Of course when I ask the price is insane (over $10usd) and there is no receipt. Once again sick of this nonsense I leave town, having seen zero voodoo “stuff”.

ouidah boys in street 320x480

Boys on the street in Ouidah

A little further North Abomey is also famous for it’s voodoo culture, though unfortunately I completely miss it all as I pass through town. The place I stay does have a couple of crocodiles, for what reason I have no idea. It also has a massive collection of beautiful wood carvings and strange sculptures and statues.

abomey crocodiles 720x480

For some reason, this place has crocs. No idea why

abomey carving two people 320x480

Double sided

abomey carving lady baby 320x480

Ladies with babies are always prominent in African carving

abomey carving giraffe 320x480

I have loved giraffes since I was a little kid

abomey carving angry 320x480

Looks angry at life

I guess that will have to satisfy my voodoo curiosity because now it’s time for the next country.
This one I have been anxiously anticipating for many months.


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