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Cascades D’Ouzoud & Canyons

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I detour through Morocco’s two most famous Gorges – Gorges de Todra and Gorges du Dadés, both of which are supremely beautiful. Todra is barely wide enough for the road that snakes through the middle of the massive vertical walls, and Dadés continues for 30 or kilometers with ever stranger rock formations and ruined cities dotting the landscape.

jeep gorges de dades 720x480

The Jeep checking out the mighty Gorges du Dadés

jeep dan camel 720x480

Random guy on the side of the road offering camel photos (for a fee…)

jeep camping gorges du dades 720x480

My campsite in Gorges du Dadés

I don’t see much driving into Cascades D’Ouzoud, so I park the Jeep in a hotel/campsite and have the attendant there show me to the waterfall. Woah. He leads me right over until I’m standing on top of the 360ft. / 110 meter falls looking straight down.
I was not expecting that.

douzoud main fall 720x480

The main waterfall

From there he shows me where I can walk a winding path down the mountain, around the troop of monkeys living there, all the way to the valley floor that is dotted with smaller falls and crystal clear pools. Falls that are perfect for jumping off, and refreshingly cold pools that are perfect for swimming.

douzoud pool 720x480

Another one

douzoud pool2 720x480

One of the many perfect-for-swimming pools

douzoud dan 720x480

Infront of the massive Falls D’Ouzoud

Lining the valley floor on each side of the river are little stores, restaurants and open-air hotel/hostels. Everyone is extremely friendly and talkative, and the local kids are more than happy to show me all the best and highest places to jump off.

dades jeep bfg 720x480

Making tracks in Gorges du Dadés

After a few days in the scorching sun, I think I’ve found paradise! Again!


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