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Across The DRC Day 4

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

Mist rolls over the small green hills in the early morning, and I thoroughly enjoy going for a walk before sunrise. It’s fantastic to be moving and not pouring sweat for once.

drc early morning green hills 720x480

The early morning is calm and cool

drc pigs mud pit 720x480

Making the most of the mud pits

Soon enough we are on the move again, and the day plays out much like the others – scorching heat and humidity, tiny villages with mud huts, friendly people waving and mud, mud and then for a change, some more mud.

In a couple of the deeper sections the walls of the trench that has been dug are well over the roof of the Jeep, and the entire underbelly and two diffs scrape along in the mud due to the massive ruts made by trucks passing through. With the lockers I hope at least one or two wheels can get traction, and they always do.

drc village 720x480

One of the little villages along the way

Mid-afternoon we come across a heavily-loaded truck stuck in the mud. Again, this truck supposedly works fine, just not the starter. The guys desperately plead with us to help, and so we hookup the winch and try to pull it out. I don’t think we ever really had a chance, and even with all of us pushing the truck, my friend’s winch starts to make all kinds of horrible noises before the truck has even twitched. Loaded down with sacks, I have to think the truck weighs at least thirty tons, likely much more.
Unfortunately, we are out-gunned on this one.

drc mud truck rear man 720x480

That truck is not going anywhere

drc truck mud men 720x480

Ready to try the winch

The guys thanks us profusely for trying, and resume their roadside wait, dozing in the shade.

drc truck mud winch voodoo 720x480

Winch attached with a Voodoo soft shackle

drc truck mud back 720x480

It’s not entirely stuck, just stalled on an uphill

On and on we plod, slowing racking up the miles. Eventually the road grows in size, and in traffic, until we are moving along a very good quality gravel road. We pass by an enormous industrial factory that I think must either be concrete or tar, clearly with thousands of employees that live in the adjacent manufactured “town”.

jeep drc gravel road 720x480

The road winds on

Finally, after a week on the most horrendous roads of the entire expedition, we hit the major paved East/West highway. I throughly enjoy moving along at 60 with the cruise control on, and am happy to see my distance to empty actually go up, even after covering forty miles.
To complete my disorientation, a Porsche with DRC plates whips by me at an insane speed.

Just when I think I am getting used to the place, the DRC has completely changed, again!


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4 Responses

  1. Loving reading about your travels, thanks for taking the time to share your adventure. The truck that you met came in a number of weights, but the heaviest was the 608, only a 6 tonne truck. I’m sure it was overloaded but 30t would snap the chassis in half. stay safe!

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  2. October 16, 2017

    […] waiting in the shade of a tree. These are the kind of villages near the road: Full story here: Across The DRC Day 4 | The Road Chose Me And after a solid bribery attempt and and stand off, I reach the border of Angola. Mad Max was […]

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