The Mountains of The Cameroon Ring Road

The interesting border crossing into Cameroon has spit us out right were we want to be, on “The Ring Road”. This famous road loops around the mountains of North Western Cameroon and is dotted with amazing little villages, history and mountains.

mountains of cameroon 720x480

Mountains and villages

As luck would have it, we have arrived smack in the middle of “Harmattan” – the time of year when dust-laden winds blow Southwest from the Sahara and cloud the sky with a thick haze, severely limiting visibility. I can often see outlines of mountains, and get the feeling I am surrounded, though unfortunately I never see much.

cameroon sun and haze 720x480

Sun and Haze in Harmattan

jeep africa cameroon 720x480

The mountains of North Western Cameroon

All the roads are dirt and extremely, extremely dusty. It has not rained here for many months, and it shows. Within ten feet of the roads on both sides plants and trees are thickly coated in red dust, as is the Jeep in short order. Occasionally I drive through pits in the road that are obviously nightmare mud at the wrong time of year. Now they are extremely fine talcum-like dust that behaves almost like a liquid when I walk on it. The stuff is uncanny, though never more than a few inches deep so it does not pose any problem for the Jeep. I get the feeling the dust pre-filter and the air filter are working overtime in these conditions.

jeep africa broken truck 720x480

Just squeezing by a broken-down truck

jeep africa gas station 320x480

A gas station, always nice to see!

The midday sun is warm, and the nights are cold at this elevation and there is almost zero humidity, my ideal weather.

renogy jeep moon 320x480

Can I make solar at night…?

jeep africa titan transfer 720x480

Moving the last of my cheap Nigerian gas into the main tank

I think I will stick around a while simple smile


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  1. Hill Paige says:

    Awesome blog. Super cool and brave. Keep up the posts and the great pics.


  2. John westcott says:

    Great to follow your trip Dan! I am finally breaking out a map to follow you better. Travel safe; I hope the wind lightens up!

  1. June 16, 2017

    […] cool nights. Slowing down is also really nice after the hectic pace of Nigeria. Stories here: The Mountains of The Cameroon Ring Road | The Road Chose Me Cameroon Tea Estates | The Road Chose Me […]

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