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Video: Nigeria roadblocks and bribery – The reality (Hidden Camera)
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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

Many people worry about corrupt Police and Military in undeveloped countries throughout Africa and Latin America. They assume you must have a huge stack of money to pay endless bribes.
Here on hidden camera see the reality as I drive my Jeep through numerous checkpoints and roadblocks in Nigeria – infamous for it’s roadblocks and bribery.

This video perfectly captures my experiences at hundreds of roadblocks through Central and South America and along the West Coast of Africa.

Keep a smile on your face, be polite and be firm, and there is no reason to pay.


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5 Responses

  1. Alejandro says:

    Thanks for this video Dan! Since your adventures in the Panam I remember reading your “techniques” on avoiding paying bribes, I applied them in a recent roadtrip to Nicaragua ( I live in Costa Rica ) and it really worked, but man… you are on another level, now I get want you meant by the being polite and friendly but firm at the same time, you barely gave time to those guys to talk, they seemed overwhelmed with kindness, so probably they just felt bad to ask for something and just let you go, nice! Thanks for the video. My favorite one so far, show an unseen part of these type of adventure but of the most feared.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Alejandro,

      I normally don’t go to that extreme, but Nigeria was a whole nother thing!
      After about an hour in the country ( and 10 stops ) I realized I would have to step up my game!

      Good luck out there!

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Now this was big cinema. Excellent level of entertainment!

  3. Bob says:

    Great video Dan!

    Do you think a shyer more introverted type of person would have been eaten alive here?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Bob,

      It all depends on your attitude. If you were rude or yelled, you would get eaten alive for sure.
      If you held out money, they would take it for sure.
      If you are polite and quiet, I think you’d be fine.


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