The Carretera Austral North

After a few days of intermittent rain, I’m happy to see perfect blue skies when I begin moving North from Villa O’Higgins. My fishing gear is all-but useless, so I camp with a hardcore Dutch fisherman, and together we cook a fresh brown trout in the coals of our campfire – possibly the best “camping” meal of the trip.

ohiggins lookout 640x480

Looking out over Villa O'Higgins

lago general carrera 640x480

Lago General Carrera

I meander my way North, camping in road-side pullouts and exploring tiny local villages as I go. Arriving in Chaitén I can’t believe the level of destruction caused by a volcanic eruption three years earlier. Locals explain it wasn’t so much the eruption itself (though that did produce enormous amounts of ash), but more-so the re-direction of the river that washed away half of the town. So much sand and ash washed down that the “beachfront” is now 500 meters back from the original line. Woah.

country living 640x480

Country living

blue river 640x480

Rivers and mountains

I camp within site of the volcano, still spewing smoke, though heavy rain in the morning prevents me from hiking closer. Maybe that’s for the better.

austral mountains 640x480

Mountains of the Austral

southern cross 360x480

Attempt at The Southern Cross

For my last night on the Austral I camp at the hot spring of Termas de Amarillo, soaking long into the night and chatting with locals and ex-pats alike.


5 Responses

  1. Lore says:

    Amazing! You’re in one of the most beatiful places in Chile. Keep going north… Coyhaique is lovely, Chiloé really magic, and Puerto Varas and Valdivia, maybe my favorites cities of the south (Well, I really liked Punta Arenas last year). Let me know if you’re coming to Santiago. Cheers! Lore

  2. Bharath says:

    Man I envy u for all the experiences u are having!!
    Wish I could trade places with u 😀

  3. Gerlof says:

    Yes Dan, that trout was awesome the other night…sad we lost each other due to shortage of fuel!

    Good luck on your travels!

    Cheers Gerlof

    • Dan says:

      Hey Gerlof, I was wondering if you could not buy fuel down there….
      Gil and I made our way North enjoying roadside camping the entire time.
      Enjoy Patagonia, I’m sure you will.
      Thanks again for the great night & dinner!

      • gerlof says:

        Same to you guys! Was a pleasure meeting you both. You dont know how much respect and admirage i have for people like you….the world is full of non-interesting, hard working , making good money idiots who dont know that there clock is counting on and on!! Live your life now! Your one of my examples my friend!!! btw fishing is awesome!!


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