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I use a Mr. Funnel Gasoline/Water Seperator when buying from a questionable source. From $35.18 on Amazon
JPFreek in South Africa! 6

JPFreek Adventure Magazine in South Africa with me!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! I have put the foot down and driven to South Africa to pickup The Big Freek, editor of JPFreek Adventure Magazine! We will roam the countryside and find what adventures and trouble...

JPFreek Adventure Magazine 0

JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Checkout the latest issues of JPFreek Adventure Magazine – it’s 178 pages of Jeep awesome, and it’s completely FREE! I have three separate articles in this issue – see if you can spot them...

Designing the Jeep, and the route around Africa 38

New Jeep. New Adventure. Africa

Announcing Dan’s next Overland adventure – a two year circumnavigation of Africa in a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

For a shower I use a 10L MSR water bag that gets nice and hot in the sun. From $41.19 on Amazon