Sipi Falls

Now done in Northern Uganda I put in a massive driving day and wind South and East all the way to Mt. Elgon and eventually to Sipi Falls. Here a series of three waterfalls cascade down from the mountain high above, giving spectacular views out over the plains to the North.

jeep sipi falls 720x480

Sipi Falls right from camp

moses camp view over uganda 720x480

Looking North, out over the Ugandan plains

I bump into a couple of German travelers and together we spend an entire day hiking to the bottom of the falls, all around the valley and then back up the far side. The whole area is breathtaking, and camping on the edge of the cliffs at a place called ‘Moses Camp’ adds to the whole thing. Not taking any chances, I chock the Jeep tires with rocks now – I would had to think what would happen if it rolled while I was asleep upstairs!

jeep moses camp 720x480

Stunning scenery

sipi falls from above 320x480

Sipi falls from the other side

I have been looking forward to Uganda for a long time now, and it has far exceeded my expectations. The locals here are very well educated, and extremely happy to include me in their daily life. In the evenings I have played pool and enjoyed cold beer at local bars while talking about anything and everything. I genuinely feel like the locals are not treating me any differently than their own friends – I’m just one of them, and I really like it.

sipi falls from moses camp 720x480

Looking right from camp

sipi falls hike 720x480

The very top of the falls

sipi falls full panorama 720x314

Spot the Jeep! You can see the roof and the orange maxtraxx easily

Add to that stunning scenery and fantastic National Parks and it’s easy to see while Uganda is called “The Pearl Of Africa”.

Now it’s time for Kenya!


4 Responses

  1. Doc Marty says:

    Dan, being in the planning phase of my own African overland trip, one question never really has been answered – but given your experience, I am sure you can: When you have to go to big cities to apply for visa, how and where do you safely park your Jeep? An obviously well equipped overland rig can attract any kind of unwanted “visitors” with the driver being away, queuing in an embassy. Thanks a lot for your thoughts and advice!

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Doc,

      There are a couple of options. You can leave your vehicle at the place you’re staying and just get a moto taxi in and out – which in some cities is the way to go anyway because of traffic. It’s so much faster on a moto and for a couple of bucks it’s worth it.
      But in virtually every city I just lock the doors and leave the Jeep on the street – I’ve never had a problem, and even locals always say as long as it’s locked, there won’t be a problem.

      Good luck on the planning, let me know if I can help with anything else!


  2. Uwe says:

    Dan, i have not seen Em in a while?

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