The road chose me Going where others don't dare

Sunset over Lake Tanganyika with fishermen returning home at the end of the day 3

Lake Tanganyika & Mugara Hot Spring

I wind down out of the mountains into the town of Nyanza Lac, in the very South Western corner of the country. I have been close to the mighty Lake Tanganyika on a few...

The soaking pool at Muhweza Hot Spring 0

Source Du Nil & Muhweza Hot Spring

I continue to explore the small roads and towns of Burundi, eventually finding my way to the town of Rutovu. I find a big hotel right in the center of town that was either...

Posing in front of Karera Waterfall 0

Chutes De Karera & Gitega

Still in the North East of the country I find my way into the Karera Waterfall – probably the “biggest” tourist attraction in the country. The setting is absolutely stunning, and there are about...

The farmland stretches on 0

Wandering Burundi

It’s clear not many tourists visit Burundi. There is very little info online about what to see and do, and I don’t think guidebooks cover the country. I set out to explore back roads...

Drive on the right, no matter what language you speak! 3

Into Burundi

A few weeks ago in Dar Es Salaam I applied for and was granted a one month tourist visa without any trouble. Waiting in the embassy felt exactly like all the embassies I visited...

Sunset over our wild camp near the lake 1

Across Wild Tanzania

Not far from Kilimanjaro I find the campground / Overland hangout of “Snake Park” – this is a famous stop for all the huge Overland buses touring Africa, and self drive Overlanders like myself....

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