Nairobi Jobs

The jobs have been accumulating for some time now. From Jeep maintenance and repairs, to visas for on wards travel and just general shopping and gearing up, there is always plenty to do when I reach a capital city.

jobs list nairobi 720x480

Behind the scenes of TRCM. I have a jobs list like this in most cities. From Jeep work to visas and shopping items, there is always a jobs list

JPFreek Adventure Magazine sent over a replacement Joint for the front driveshaft, a Repezza High-Angle CV Joint from TeraFlex Suspensions. This joint is designed to fix my problem once and for all, so I won’t have to deal with it again!
I’m extremely happy to get to work replacing the joint and getting the driveshaft back on. I’m much happier with 4×4 !

teraflex repezza jk wrangler removal 720x480

Old CV joint removed – notice how little grease there is and it’s all dry and crusty

teraflex repezza jk wrangler greese packing 720x480

Packed FULL of grease

teraflex repezza jk wrangler assembly 320x480

Repezza joint going together

teraflex repezza jk wrangler onto shaft 720x480

Sliding the new joint onto the driveshaft

teraflex repezza jk wrangler complete 720x480

Install finished on the driveshaft

teraflex repezza jk wrangler on transfer case 720x480

Installed back on the Jeep

I also take the time for oil changes, tire rotations, greasing everything and having a good look around after the flop. I’m thinking it’s more and more likely I have bent the front axle, though at this point there really isn’t anything I can do about it. I’ll keep an eye on the oil level in the front diff, and top it up if needed.

jeep door linging off 720x480

I wanted to push the dents out of the two passenger side doors – but it’s not happening and I gave up

With all the work done, the Jeep is ready to hit the road. I also got a visa for the next country, and got a ton of info about routes and roads ahead. Thanks JPFreek!

Now it’s time for the final push through North Africa!


3 Responses

  1. shiva says:

    if you got time , visit koobi fora . Homo erectus(ancestors to homo sapiens ) fossils were found there
    Indiana Jones mode on :)

  2. Jules says:

    Hi! Great job on fixing the Jeep.
    How did you manage to get an Ethiopian visa in Kenya? I thought the Nairobi consulate only serviced Kenyan citizens or residents…

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Jules,

      They ask you to get a “letter of introduction” from your own embassy. With that, they’ll issue you a one month, single entry visa for $40USD. Tons of foreigners there doing it, everyone got approved.


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