Future Plans

I don’t often write about my future plans, though right now there are a couple of things on the horizon that I’m too excited about to keep to myself:

  • I’m currently training to run a 10km fun run through the streets of Old Town Quito at night, and am loving the fitness attained at 3500 meters above sea level.
  • Before I move on I’ll make an attempt on the summit of Volcán Cotopaxi, 5897 meters up. This will be by far the biggest mountain I have attempted.
cotopaxi distant 720x475

Distant Cotopaxi

  • I’ll start moving South again in early September, spending roughly a month in each of Peru, Boliva, Northern Chile and Northern Argentnia on my way to…
  • Christmas with my family! in Buenos Aires! Uh-Huh!.
  • The plan after that is very hazy, but probably involves going South along the East coast to Tierra Del Fuego, then North along the West for some solid time in and around Patagonia and Southern Chile in general.
  • After that, there are a few dreams forming that keep me thinking, but nothing concrete right now.
secret garden drive 720x475

Love that view


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  1. JanW says:

    I talked a little to you about photographing and we watched Holland – Spain :-(
    Always great to read stories like yours and those of the pedalers.
    We here also a lot “we would like to live on a Caribbean island as well, but for us it’s impossible, for you it’s easy”.
    Impossible is nothing says Adidas! :-)
    Anyway, maybe you’re interested in some photos of Cotopaxi?
    They’re here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jan-Wachtmeester-Photography/333451491565
    And my website is here: http://www.janwachtmeester.com/
    Keep up the traveling!


    • Dan says:

      Hey Jan,
      I got your email via Quito and read it out to all the volunteers and local Ecuadorian staff at the Secret Garden! Everyone was stoked and it really made our collective days – thanks so much for the contact and I love those photos – some inspiration for my next setup.
      All the best,

  2. Denis says:

    Hey Dan,

    I had to drop a line to tell you how much I appreciate reading this blog! I stumbled onto it a couple of months ago and proceeded to read through it from the beginning. Now that I’ve read all the way to the present, I must say that you have single-handedly helped re-inspire the notion within me that a trip southward is very possible, and isn’t necessarily as expensive as one might think.

    Reading all of your many adventures along this journey have encouraged me to make a serious effort to start planning/saving for a trip of my own, hopefully by sometime early/mid 2011. I’m already looking into selling my car and getting a small 4×4 to access those places which are simply inaccessible by a 2wd car. I have since gone about reading other people’s blogs and starting to do my own research on what places I would like to see along the way, and on the logistics of getting there.

    I’m fortunate in that my (soon to be) wife has the same adventurous spirit at heart as I do, so we would travel together towards Tierra Del Fuego. :)

    Anyways, thanks a ton man for choosing to share your journey with the world, I’m certain that you have helped many others like myself to come that much closer to realizing their dreams of travel…

    Peace and safe travels dude, perhaps we will meet someday along the road somewhere!

    • Dan says:

      Right on man! I’m smiling from ear-to-ear after reading your comment!
      It’s great to know that I can help other people get out and live it, even if only in some small way.
      If you ever need any help, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to help in any way I can.
      You’ll find a great community of overlanders once you get out on the road. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
      The secret is to get out there!

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Dan, Everytime I read your blogs I smile as it makes me happy to know that you are living your dream, something that one day I would love to do. As I am now a divorced single mum of 2 small kids, my dreams will have to wait for quite a few years! I first discovered your site like many others who were looking for info on Chris McCandless as he has been such an inspiration to me. You are taking that inspiration to another level with your amazing adventures, and I hope you have many more to come. Just wanted to say Hi and let you know how great it is that your site exists (i have left you a donation and would urge others to do so, cause if it wasn’t for donations we would not be able to read this now!), so those of us who love what you do but are unable to do it ourselves, can still feel a sense of sharing the experience with you. Good luck, keep challenging yourself but most importantly keep living your dreams, you are an inspiration to many. Michelle (U.K)

    • Dan says:

      Thankyou so much Michelle – for the donation and for the kind words. It makes me so happy to know that others are drawing inspiration from my travels and it absolutely gives me the energy to continue on. I’m starting to get really really excited about Peru & Bolivia as I’ve been talking to a ton of people recently that have spent time there – they both sound absolutely beautiful and full of camping and hiking. Perfect for me :)
      Thanks again, keep dreaming and get out there when you get the chance :)

  4. Marilee Rhoads says:

    Dear Dan,
    Wow, we are so glad to see what you are up to now. It sounds like you are doing well and enjoying every minute of your trip. Your pictures are wonderful. We wish we could travel a bit, not quite like your trip, but visiting other countries helps give one perspective. Work still prohibits all but short trips, but we still hope to go one day.
    It will be great to see the family in Buenas Aires-maybe not spelled right-please give them our love. All is well here. Have you heard that Jen is expecting again, March or April. Needless to say, we are all excited. Christopher will turn 2 on 9/13. He is a busy boy, full of energy. Talking up a storm, and most of it is understandable.
    Our best wishes to you while in Equador, and for your journey south. Lots of love, Jim and Marilee

    • Dan says:

      Hey Jim and Marilee, great to hear from you guys!
      I did not know Jen is expecting again – thats awesome news!
      Ecuador and Latin America in general are amazing, so much to learn, so much to learn. All the best for the Rhoads clan.

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