I’ve been driving for over eight hours on rough roads when I turn off onto a tiny track, aiming to find a tiny hot spring on the shores of mighty Lake Albert. The track is small and rocky, but not a problem at all. It’s already early afternoon and I’m starting to push my luck in terms of finding somewhere to camp, though I decide to push on.

When the stunning lake comes into view I have to jump out for a photo, so I angle the Jeep across the track, pull the hand brake and leave it in first gear. The hand brake has needed adjustment for a long time, but I have been lazy about adjusting it, and just know it’s limits. As I always do I sit in the seat for ten seconds while grabbing my camera, and the Jeep doesn’t budge.

In the past I have seen it roll over the engine on a steep enough hill, though it always moves only about an inch every ten seconds – what I assume is just one cylinder rolling over. As I get out and walk back I figure I will just jump back in if it does roll over a cylinder, which seems like a perfectly good plan.

As I climb up the bank for a photo, I see the Jeep move. Almost before I can react it has traveled an entire Jeep length, and is picking up speed fast. I run after it but have no hope in the world. Realizing what is coming I keep clear, utterly helpless. Within about three lengths it goes into the ditch on the left, hard.

The front drivers side tire hits the rock wall, flips the Jeep over, smashing down onto the passenger side.

jeep rollover side 720x480


The whole event is over in less than five seconds, and my heart rate goes to about three hundred beats per minute as the crash fades in my ears and the reality of the situation – and my stupidity – sinks in.

jeep rollover underside 720x480

Now’s a good time to check the undercarriage…. note no front driveshaft

Suddenly I feel more helpless and alone than I ever have while on expedition – maybe more than I ever have in my entire life. I’m terrified to walk over and have a good look at the situation, and spend quite a bit of time staying away, somehow feeling like I can deny reality.
Conveniently I have my camera in my hand and so I snap a few photos, though even that makes me feel sick and I’m just not in the mood.

Attracted by the loud crash locals begin to materialize, and time and again they’re relieved no people were involved, and clearly think I’m an idiot (rightly so). When I stop shaking and start using my brain, I have a good look around. There are a couple of trees off to the side that would be perfect for winching, and so I endeavor to get out the winch controller, no easy feat. I have to climb up the skid plates on the bottom of the Jeep (now the side) like a ladder and in the drivers door before lowering myself down until I’m standing on the passenger door. Looking around I see absolute chaos inside, including a bunch of smashed glass beer bottles I just bought thirty minutes prior.

jeep rollover inside 720x480

Climbing into the drivers seat was a challenge. There is junk EVERYWHERE

My winch cable is not long enough to go to the tree and back to the Jeep via my snatch block, though one local guy assures me with the help of everyone gathered we’ll get it back on the wheels. Thinking about all the fail complications I have seen I’m certain I must sit in the drivers seat with my foot buried on the brake pedal – the last thing in the world I want is for the Jeep to be back on it’s wheels and continue rolling down the hill.

With the winch to a sturdy tree and the locals pushing on the rear corner it slowly comes up and bounces back down on it’s wheels. Because of the angles it’s still half in the ditch, though after a lot of back and forward I manage to get someone else to disconnect the winch line and let it roll forward. A local then chocks the wheels with massive rocks, and finally it feels like the Jeep won’t move.

jeep rollover aftermath 720x480

The aftermath, not trusting the hand brake this time

jeep rollover damage 720x480

Aftermath on the side

Again I’m reluctant to survey the damage, and finally bring myself to walk around to the passenger side. I’ll let the photos do the talking, though you can see miraculously there is no broken glass, and the fiberglass J30 pop-up roof is almost entire unscathed (there is a tiny chip in the fiberglass pop-up section which is completely cosmetic).

I don’t usually like to put things down to luck, though in this case I have to say I might be the luckiest person in the world.

jeep rollover front damage 720x480

The AEV Snorkel took the brunt, saving the glass I think

jeep rollover rear flare 720x480

Damage to the rear fender flare and door handle and door

It seems the AEV snorkel took the brunt of the impact, as did the mirror which is completely broken off, and the two plastic fender flares which are almost entirely broken off the Jeep. There are dents and scratches in both doors, and both door handles are broken, though overall I’m immensely impressed how well the Jeep has held up.

I’m afraid of oil in the cylinders, and so let it sit for four hours wile I slowly clean up and attempt to put things back where they belong. I also wonder about any damage caused by the engine turning so fast. I left it in first gear, and I note it didn’t pop out of gear. That means the engine was mechanically turning by the weight of the Jeep, and quite possibly faster than the rev limiter. I don’t know how fast it would actually go at red line in first gear, and I think it didn’t goo too fast. If it did, there is every chance the engine has skipped some teeth on the timing chain, which would be a catastrophe.

Gorilla tape does wonders to hold the fender flares on, and I just throw the mirror inside. Under the hood everything looks extremely sane, with just a hint of power steering fluid leaking from the reservoir, and some engine oil leaking from the filling cap on the valve cover.

Originally I plan to remove all the spark plugs, though night has well and truly set in making the task so much harder. I rationalize that it’s now been sitting right side up for four hours, and it was only on the side, not actually upside-down.

After topping up the engine oil and with a lot of trepidation I turn the engine over a few times then immediately turn it off before it actually fires, and everything sounds and seems good, so I start it up and let it idle.

Again, miraculously, everything seems fine, and I have no reason to think I have caused permanent damage.

During all of this a local guy has hung around to talk and reassure me, and he suggests I camp near his house, less than fifty yards away. I limp the Jeep over and feel relieved it drives OK, the setup camp and continue the massive clean up job. I’m sure I’ll be cleaning broken beer bottle glass out of the Jeep for many months. The J30 roof opens perfectly fine, and almost everything inside is OK. At firs the Dometic fridge won’t turn on, though it comes good after a few hours of being ride-side-up.

In a strange twist of fate I then see one of the most beautiful things of my entire life – thousands and thousands of small boats have rowed out onto the lake to fish for the night – the small kerosene lamps look like an ocean of stars, and is simply breathtaking.

lake albert fishermen 720x480

Thousands of fishermen on Lake Albert at night – simply breathtaking

I’m still shaking when I finally climb up into bed near midnight, feeling like this has all been a horrible dream.


I planned and dreamed of this expedition for so many years – but I never dreamed of this.


17 Responses

  1. Grant Mills says:

    So glad that your jeep is ok and you can continue with your trip. When I saw your post on Reddit, I was really worried there was more damage than it looked.

  2. Karel says:

    I’m sooooo glad it wasn’t much worse.

    I guess your next blog post will be about how you adjusted the parking brakes? 😉

    Merry Christmas Dan. Safe travels.

  3. KK says:

    Dan, you built the Jeep and I am sure you can fix it

  4. Joe Martino says:

    I wish you the very best Dan. We all do. This is just one more great story to tell for all who follow your travels.

  5. Luis says:

    I’m glad the jeep is okay. Can U obtain the needed part to fix your front drive shaft and maybe replace your mirror In that part of Africa? Hope you can continue your adventure. I know about driving long hours across Canada and Europe. After many hours your mind and judgement suffers. I came close to driving off a mountain after driving over 16 hours in two days. Rest and sleep is crucial when fatigue sets in.

  6. Peter says:

    Dan, let me know if you want me to order parts from the U.S. I can have them in 10 – 14 days.

  7. Peter Connan says:

    I once put my Patrol on it’s side through a much more stupid mistake, so I know exactly how you feel.

    I am sure there would have been no permanent engine damage, as there would have been no significant pressures in the engine, and feel sure you can’t have done any lasting mechanical damage.

    Merry Christmas, and I do hope this is your last mishap in Africa, and that the rest of the expedition is a huge pleasure!

  8. Karen Ndegwa says:

    Sorry about the set back. Hope you get back on the road and get to drive into Kenya. Merry Christmas to you and everything will work out. I’ll stay positive

  9. Asa Meadows says:

    Hey Dan, glad you’re okay. I had a similar issue with the emergency brake on my Jeep. it turns out it didn’t need to be adjusted, the axle seals where leaking getting oil on the emergency brake pads. I’d have to pull the e-brake handle all the way up, and even then I would sometimes still get a little slip before it caught. I’d give that a check before you order parts to fix all the other stuff.

    Best of luck and keep on trucking.

  10. Robert says:

    So happy to see that no one was hurt (except perhaps your pride).

  11. Michael Barker says:

    Hi Dan very pleased to hear you are a bit more settled and able to continue your epic African adventure.
    Things happen you just have to work through them and carry on.
    Good luck for the rest of your trip, and most important fact was you weren’t hurt
    Best regards Michael

  12. Sheldon says:

    The fishermen pic at night is amazing.

  1. December 24, 2018

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