The Basilica of Yamoussoukro

Many Presidents in Africa get a bad rap. Corruption, blatant lying and stealing, and holding onto power for as long as possible, legally or not. They are often not the nicest people in the world.

jeep africa basillica yamoussoukro 720x480

The Jeep showing the scale of the whole basilica

The former president of Ivory Coast made some interesting choices during his reign. First of all, he wanted his former home-town to be more important, so he built a massive freeway directly to it, and made it the capital of the country, even though it’s out of the way and doesn’t really have much going for it.

basillica yamoussoukro 720x480

Too big for words

Not satisfied, he decided to build a monument to the catholic church. And just not any monument. The President decided to build the world’s biggest Basilica, at a cost estimated to be as high as $600 Million US Dollars. Yes, you read that right.

The final cost doubled Ivory Coast’s national debt. Seriously.

basillica yamoussoukro pillars 320x480

It’s hard to comprehend

basillica yamoussoukro pillars shade 720x480

Looking out towards the city

Before the Pope would sanction such a thing, he insisted a hospital also be built to help the citizens of the country. Strangely enough after the Pope visited the Basilica and gave his blessing, the hospital was never finished, and still sits like that, closed.

basillica yamoussoukro courtyard 720x480

Monster courtyard

So, just how big is the world’s biggest Basilica? HUGE. Guinness lists it as the world’s biggest “church”. If you have ever been to Washington DC, or even London, this thing dwarfs everything you have seen there, in a big way. The sheer size of the columns defies reason, and the scale of the whole grounds is mind-bending. With perfectly manicured green lawn and spotless grounds, it’s extremely hard to remember I’m actually in West Africa.

basillica yamoussoukro massive structure 720x480

Just outside the main entrance

basillica yamoussoukro dan pillar 320x480

Yes, the columns are big!

Inside, the spectacle continues. 75,000 square feet of stained glass imported from France, marble imported from Italy. The list goes on. Never in my life have I seen such opulence on such a scale, and only two weeks ago I was in villages with no electricity or clean water, in the same country.

basillica yamoussoukro stained glass window 720x480

Some of the 75,000 sq. feet of stained glass on display

basillica yamoussoukro inside 720x480

The stained glass really is beautiful

Of course, the mighty ex-President is depicted in one stained glass window ascending to heaven next to Jesus. Yes, really.

The Basillica of Yamoussoukro is a must visit, though it’s also a major head scratcher.

jeep africa basillica yamoussoukro 2 720x480

Outside there is even more enormous building