Broken Laptop

I´ve often referred to my little Dell Mini 9 as the best gadget I´ve ever owned and since it has a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) and therefore no moving parts, I have always thought of it as pretty much indestructible. Hmm.

I plugged it in to charge in a stupid spot and my friend tripped over the cord, pulling it down about four feet onto the solid concrete floor. The screen is smashed so that it´s completely unusable, although the rest of the system seems perfectly fine. I was a little upset when it first happened, but got things quickly into perspective when I realized I am perfectly fine and  it´s nothing more than an inconvenience. A new screen is only $35 USD on eBay and not hard to swap out, it´s just the logistics of getting one down here.

laptop broken 640x480

My poor little Dell Mini 9 after taking a tumble on the concrete

I had a plan A to get one today, but that didn’t work out, and plan B has me getting one in about 3 weeks, the next time I know exactly when I will be where. Until that time I´m going to keep updating the website from internet cafes, although unfortunately there is no chance the updates will be as substantial as in the past. As yet, I´m not even sure I´ll be able to post any photos at all.

You can be certain I am continuing to adventure, take notes and take a ton of photos (there are already 150 on my camera now). When my laptop is fixed I plan on posting full updates with stories and photos for the time lost so you can all share in the adventure as much as always.

I hope you´ll stick with me and continue to share while I sort out this technical problem simple smile


8 Responses

  1. T READ says:

    No problem man, remember only the tough people are ever challenged.

  2. Absalon says:

    I’m sure I won’t be the only one missing the pics, but I’ll look forward to seeing them once your laptop is back in commission!
    Looking forward to hearing about your stories as you venture into Central America!
    Happy New Year and I wish you safe and beautiful travels.

  3. David says:

    Sounds like a healthy perspective Dan, Happy New Year to you. And who knows what the temporary interruption will bring you that you might otherwise have missed. I know you’ll let us know in due time! :)


  4. Brian12566 says:

    Happy New Year Dan!! Hope your computer problems get solved quickly.

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