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Atlin Warm Springs

Ever on the lookout for remote hot springs, I made a detour to the mysterious mining town of Atlin at the end of a good gravel road just over the border in British Columbia. Twenty odd kilometers south of town are three warm springs, the first of which was the focus of my attention.

A pool about 5 meters across and 1 meter deep has 29 degree celsius water bubbling up from it’s gravel bottom. It’s in a beautiful green meadow with mountains as the scenic backdrop.

atlin warm spring 640x480

Atlin Warm Springs

I really enjoyed spending time at this spring, although it’s a little cold for an extended soak.

atlin warm spring temperature 640x480

Atlin warm springs temperature

The second spring is commonly called “The Grotto”. Cool 9 degree celsius water flows at a very high rate out of a natural grotto on the side of the road. I think this may be the highest flow rate of any spring I have ever seen, just not nearly warm enough for a soak.

atlin grotto 640x480

Atlin Warm Springs Grotto

The third spring is reported to be similar in temperature to the first, but lies on private property where it is used to heat greenhouses.

An excellent detour to soak weary legs.


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2 Responses

  1. Patricia Senecal says:

    Mike was just over for a few days in Rossland. (I am the mother of Steve.) and I mentioned Atlin because I was at a Music Festival there July 10-12. I also continued down the road and stayed at the B.C. Forestry Campsite for 3 nights and walked to the Warm Springs. I was able to rent a kayak for 2 days from Sitka Tours (14 k. south of Atlin) and enjoy the lake with the glorious views of the Glaciers to the south. Hope to get back there someday. I beautiful piece of paradise off the beaten track. Did you make it to Chicken??? On the Top of the World Highway. Happy Travels!!!

    • Dan says:

      Hey Patricia, great to hear from you. Atlin is a beautiful place I really liked it there.
      I did drive over the top of the world and through Chicken – I didn’t stay long as I found it a little touristy, but the top of the world was amazing!

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