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Around Córdoba

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Turning my back on the Andes, I move East, more or less starting the journey to Buenos Aires in anticipation of Christmas with my family. I spend a couple of days in the stunning Parque National Sierra De Las Quijadas, full of beautiful rock formations and wildlife, before aiming for the big city of Córdoba.

camping sierra de las quijadas 360x480

Free campsite in Parque National Sierra De Las Quijadas

sierra de las quijadas 640x480

The views in the National Park

A local guy at a gas station admires my Jeep and tells me about a windy gravel road used by the WRC, just the place for me! The mountains to the south of Córdoba are extremely green and beautiful, and all the little towns and villages are bustling with friendly Argentines on tour for the weekend.

WRC jeep 640x480

The WRC Jeep - maybe I should enter?

los gigantes 360x480

Los Gigantes mountains

It’s so peaceful and friendly here I decide to pass on the big city and checkout all the little towns instead.

jeep river crossing 640x480

River crossing, Jeep style


(The WRC road is route 28 from Taninga to Tanti, just West of Córdoba. It’s good gravel with sharp hairpins and nice wide-open fast corners too.)

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  1. Avery says:

    Are you sure thats in South America? :) It sure looks like some places in Arizona I have spent time at. Have a great Christmas Dan.

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