Africa Expedition Overview

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Africa Expedition Overview

I have set out to drive my Jeep Wrangler around the entire African continent.
The trip will cover approximately 80,000 miles through 30 countries over roughly two years.

africa progress drc 415x480

Planned Vs. Actual Route (Click for bigger version)

Expedition Progress:

To see all my stories and photos from a given country, click the country name below:

Country Miles Driven
Morocco 2,488
Mauritania 460
Senegal 930
Gambia 385
Guinea Bissau 550
Guinea 1,295
Mali 1,675
Ivory Coast 1,355
Burkina Faso 629
Togo  892
Benin 1,138
Nigeria 1,050
Cameroon 1,369
Gabon 2,044
Congo 1,518
DRC 176
Angola In Progress…
TOTAL  17,954 miles

The Jeep Build

I have heavily customized my Jeep into a house on wheels with a pop-up camper roof, solar panels, drinking water and filtration system, interior cabinets, fridge and much,much more. To read all the details of the build see: The Jeep

africa jk colorado 720x480

Tiny House. Massive Yard


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4 Responses

  1. Rosalía says:

    Hi Dan!

    My name is Rosalía. My husband and I were doing the same trip as you. We are currently in Dakar and we would like to go to Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mali, CI, ect. Wet season has already started and we want to know how roads are in Guinea before getting there… We drive a 4×4 with cellule so we carry a lot of weight. What do you think could be better going to Mali trough Guinea or Senegal? Thank you very much!! Best regards.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Rosalia,

      Great to hear from you! Awesome yo hear you are on the road too!
      The roads in Guinea are B.A.D. Some of the worst I have seen. Massive potholes on the paved roads, and non-paved roads are very rocky. Not often muddy, more rocky. It is, however, spectacularly beautiul and I highly recommend it. Personally, I think you should go, and if the roads are too horrible for you, just stick to the highways – once you get about half way to the East, the highway is brand new and perfect.

      Have fun, let me know if you need any more info!

      • Rosalía says:

        Hi Dan!

        Finally we went to Bissau and entered again to Senegal avoiding Guinea. After Senegal we went to Mali and Ivory Coast and currently we are in Burkina Faso near to the border with Togo. We stopped in Hotel l’Unité and a staff showed us a photo of your Jeep!! What a coincidence!! Hope you are well!! Best regards.

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