Across Nigeria. Day Six. Afi Mountain Drill Ranch

(My Nigeria crossing starts with the story Into Nigeria. You should begin reading there)

Drill Ranch was created by Liza and Peter in 1991 to rehabilitate and breed the endangered Drill Monkey, which is found only in this part of Nigeria, Southern Cameroon and on an island in Equatorial Guinea. They are among Africa’s most endangered primates mostly due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting for bush meat. Interestingly, the hunting is mostly commercial – i.e. hunters are not just killing what they need to survive, they are killing as many animals as possible to sell for a profit.

nigeria drill rannch bug 720x480

Little bug

nigeria drill rannch ants 720x480

Ants crossing the road. Lots of ants

Most of the Drills were donated by locals, or rescued as orphans. Since the project started more than 200 have been born in captivity, making Drill Ranch one of the world’s most successful breeding programs for an endangered species. In 1996 the first group of Drills was released into the wild, the ultimate goal of the project.

nigeria drill rannch main area 720x480

The main sitting area at Drill Ranch. Paradise

nigeria drill rannch food compound 720x480

The food shack. Note the electric fence

The entire site is nestled between mountains in the thick jungle, which is constantly doing it’s best to reclaim the entire place. I camp in a small clearing, and after the volunteers show me around I have free run of the place.

nigeria drill rannch cabin 320x480

A cabin at the Drill Ranch

nigeria drill rannch chimp fence 720x480

The perimeter fence around the monster chimp enclosure

Going to the animal feeding is a highlight, something I do repeatedly.

Tons and tons of photos to come on this one.

nigeria drill rannch drill monkey 320x480

The Drill Monkey

Day six in Nigeria.

nigeria drill rannch jeep tire rotation 720x480

Tire rotation on the Jeep, who was jealous of no photos in this post


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